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It's just a little sunburn for goodness sakes...

From ABC News:

Police charged a Kentucky father with criminal abuse after he allegedly failed to protect his shirtless, fair-skinned 2-year-old from the sun before leaving the child out to play in 95-degree heat for more than an hour.

The boy suffered second-degree burns, police said.

"It was downright brutal down here, we had 90 degree temperatures all day," Berea Police captain Ken Clark told ABC News on Tuesday.

"The father has said the child was just out playing, but we felt we established probable cause to charge him with a crime; when you talk about a 2-year-old child, someone who cannot speak up for themselves, in that type of heat ... There must be someone responsible for his safety."

How stupid and cruel could this parent be, you may be yelling at your computer screen.

Was he wrong?

Was he a bad parent?

Should he be in trouble with the law?

I think so.

Yes on all counts.

I can’t help but wonder if there are plenty of people that think this poor excuse for a father  simply “made a mistake, “ and that “it could happen to anyone,” and don’t forget that “he has suffered enough.”

While filling in on WISN, I have spent time discussing parents who leave their small children unattended, locked in cars for several hours in sweltering heat, sometimes with fatal results.

My favorite asinine excuse by the brain-dead parent is that he or she “forgot” the child was in the car.

In my mind, there are no excuses, period.

The idiot parents can cry and cry and cry and cry and beg for forgiveness until doomsday. As far as I’m concerned, they deserve no sympathy or leniency.

When I’ve talked about these cases on WISN, the hand wringers come out of the woodwork with the above mentioned excuses.

That leads me to believe that if these people would call in to a 50-thousand watt radio station to defend a person totally bankrupt of parenting skills who left a baby to fry to death in a car, then certainly they’d express the same mercy for a parent who let his child exposed to severe burns from the intense sunlight.

If they’d be willing to let a death of a child be swept under the rug, they’d assuredly forgive a little sunburn, wouldn’t they?

Some people don’t deserve to be parents. This guy is certainly one of them.

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