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Franklin, how can this be?


FRIDAY, May 23, 2008, 1:53 p.m.
John Neville

Panel OKs outdoor dining for restaurant

One of Franklin's newest and most popular sit-down restaurants won approval for outdoor dining.

Gus Hosseini, owner of Gus' Mexican Cantina, 6514 S. Lovers Lane Road, will soon add a 1,020-square foot outdoor dining area to his restaurant.

The Franklin Plan Commission unanimously approved a site plan amendment at a meeting Thursday night allowing construction of the patio to accommodate an additional maximum of 56 seats.

How can this be is right?

We have not studied this for two or three years.

What will the outdoor chairs look like?

Will they be aesthetically pleasing enough?

What color will the chairs be?

Will I be able to bicycle from my house directly to the outdoor seating?

Will there be plants near the outdoor chairs?

What about trees?

How many trees will be planted near outdoor seating?

What kind of trees?

Was the DNR consulted?
 Did Gus meet all of the 478 permits?

Can customers smoke at the outdoor seating?

How many seats will be designated non-smoking?

What happens if the wind blows the smoke into a nearby backyard?
 Do we need to set up barriers?

What happens if someone spills hot sauce on the sidewalk and birds or insects get in to the hot sauce? Could this be unhealthy for them?

Has the Planning Commission fully reviewed the impact on animals, birds, etc., from spilled Mexican food? Why weren’t there a dozen public hearings on this matter?

Why weren’t the Franklin bloggers informed about this?

Is there some huge conspiracy going on here?

How much tax money was spent considering whether chairs and tables could be placed outdoors?

Are the chairs going to be manufactured in Amsterdam?
 If so, does Mr. Grintges get a cut?

Were there any teleconferences held about this?



Was the Zizzo Group involved?

I’ll bet they were, even though I have zero proof, I’m still going to write about it on my blog.

Did they get paid for this decision?
 How much? And when?

Was it behind closed doors?

I’m going to sign on my computer and contact the DA’s office, then Governor Doyle and the National Guard.

Next thing you know, every restaurant in Franklin will want to have outdoor seating in the summer.


UPDATE ON 5/24/08

Some readers e-mailed me a few more questions about this issue:

Were the plan commissioners wearing ties or golf shirts?

Were they sitting up in their chairs or leaning back?

Were they speaking in the microphone or looking at the mayor?

Will the Environmental Development Commission list the addition of the outdoor seating as an accomplishment?

Will the Commission arrange a party there in celebration of the chairs?


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