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A look back at the people and events that made news the past week. Week-ends is a regular weekly feature of This Just In...


The Franklin Police Department

Two sex offenders appeared on the state website listing addresses in Franklin within the restricted residency limits imposed by Franklin’s sex offender ordinance. Officers immediately visited these registrants and advised them of the ordinance. They were advised that if they did not move out immediately, that legal action based on the ordinance would be initiated. Both registrants moved out of the city.

Franklin police also found out that a person convicted of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child and Sexual Contact with a Child over 16 was selling ice cream from an ice cream truck throughout the city. He was located and stopped on the second day of his job and advised of the Child Safety Zone section of the ordinance. His employer was also informed of the ordinance. He was terminated that day and is no longer selling ice cream in Franklin.

Franklin’s sex offender ordinance is working.

Also making the heroes list, the 600 athletes in town for the National Veterans Wheelchair Games. My friend, Chuck Quirmbach of Wisconsin Public Radio produced a piece on the Games that aired today on NPR's Weekend Edition. Click "Listen" to hear Chuck's piece.

And, Marty Rukavina.


The thugs at Juneteenth Day

Candace Clark

Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital in Los anegles


"It is insane that people would act this way. It is something that is not a plus for the city at all. Obviously it is negative for the city.”
Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, finally reacting to the Juneteenth Day riot. His comments came three days after the incident.

"Matter of fact, I met with the police department today and we're putting a plan together and a strategy for the next year so this kind of thing does not happen again. I really felt bad for the young man who was caught up in that foolishness. I prayed for him."
Juneteenth Day organizer Mack Weddle.

"It does, unfortunately, stain the event. But nevertheless, it is a great event."
Milwaukee Common Council President, Alderman Willie Hines defending Juneteenth Day.

"If you can't drive your car down any street in this city without being yanked out of it and viciously beaten, there is a problem.”
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said the problem is crime in the city as a whole.

"I'm not a monster. Jesus Christ, I'm not."
Candace Clark, accused of killing and burying Tammie Garlin behind a house in Portage.

"I don't want to hurt no more."
According to the criminal complaint filed in the West Oneida Street case in Portage, that's what the severely abused 11-year-old boy who lived in the house told the medical director of the University of Wisconsin Hospital Child Protection Program during an interview. Dr. Barbara L. Knox examined and interviewed the boy. The physical examination showed grossly burned areas of the body, including the scalp, with significant new and old injuries from serial beatings and malnourishment. Here’s the story.

"I think the Republicans have got to realize that sometimes you just have to pay the bills and take care of the needs of the people of the state of Wisconsin.”
Joint Finance Committee co-chairman Sen. Russ Decker, (D-Schofield) on the state budget.

"People say the sky will fall, the sky will fall, but no it (won't). The problem isn't that we don't tax enough, the problem is that we spend too much."
State Representative Kitty Rhoades, (R-Hudson) co-chairwoman of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, commenting on the Assembly’s no new taxes pledge. Rhodes says the Assembly version of the budget likely won't include most of Governor Doyle’s major new proposals to expand Medicaid and the University of Wisconsin System.

“In 2006, Governor Jim Doyle told taxpayers all over Wisconsin that he deserved to be reelected because he had balanced the state budget without raising taxes. If that was true, then why is he raising more than $1.6 billion in higher taxes and fees in this budget?

In fact, over the next two years, with natural revenue growth, new and higher taxes and fees and increased federal tax funds, this budget will extract $5.7 billion from the private economy and use it just to grow government.

This budget is a classic battle between the tax payers and the tax takers. Unfortunately, the tax-takers will win again.”

State Senators Mike Ellis (R-Neenah) and Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay).

“Apart from the troubling constitutional questions this budget proposal raises, from a public opinion standpoint Wisconsin residents are convinced this will hit them in the pocketbook. Our research shows consumers currently have less money left at the end of each month than they did a year ago, and they believe the net effect of a gross receipts tax on oil will only make matters worse.”
Kennan Wood, executive vice president of Wood Communications Group. According to a recent survey by Wood Communications Group, more than four out of five people agree that any additional tax on oil companies will show up in the form of higher prices at the pump. When asked whether they believed provisions in the law would effectively stop oil companies from passing the tax along or whether the tax would push retail gas prices higher, 82 percent of residents said, “Consumers would pay.”

”Simply put, as a government and elementary school teacher, I came here today because I care deeply about the way our state makes policy. I want to believe the lecture I give my own students when I say Wisconsin is a model for the nation for creating an efficient, effective and equitable government structure."
Steve Gores testifying before the state Senate Committee on Ethics Reform and Government Operations, asking the committee to support a proposed constitutional amendment to do curb the veto powers of Wisconsin’s governor, often called the Frankenstein veto. Senate Democrats have been delaying action on the amendment.

” What happens if every city, town and village in the Fox Valley passes similar laws, leaving only a small percentage of each municipality open to sex offenders?

Serious sex offenders usually are monitored for life, meaning the number of them in a given area will almost certainly grow by leaps and bounds. Do we keep intending to shoehorn them into the same few square blocks deemed far enough away from potential victims?

A slippery slope leads you to a 21st century leper colony, a city created somewhere remote solely for sex offenders to reside far from children. If and when it comes to that, there may be more than a few people who are all for that idea.”

An editorial in the Appleton Post-Crescent. And yes, I’d be all for that idea.


The riot at Juneteenth Day.

It’s difficult to point the finger at Juneteenth Day organizers. The festival ended at 6:00 pm, the riot broke out at 8:00 pm. A group of thugs and punks who acted like wild animals had their brutal actions witnessed by millions on national newscasts, making Milwaukee look like a city out of control.

What happened this week is more a reflection of a city with a Mayor and other so-called leaders who have refused to address the city’s most serious problem, violent crime, than it is of a troubled festival. It took three days for Mayor Tom Barrett to finally come out and say something about the riot. Police Chief Nan Hegerty has yet to say anything.

On the other hand, a riot will never happen outside Polish Fest, German Fest, Irish Fest, Festa Italiana…..

Also, just how easy is it for an illegal immigrant to get into this country from Mexico? Very.


Governor Doyle this week said that he plans on making sure 98 percent of all Wisconsin residents have health care coverage by next year underneath his proposed health care initiative.

Doyle made the comments at a town hall meeting with Waukesha residents at the GE Healthcare Institute to discuss his plans for making Wisconsin America’s health care leader.

"By ensuring every child has health insurance, expanding health care coverage to more adults and making health care premiums tax free, we will make Wisconsin America’s health care leader," Doyle said.

Question: why doesn’t someone in the press grill the Governor whenever he makes such a proposal by asking him how much is this going to cost, and how in the world are we going to pay for it?


Republicans in the Assembly say they are in no hurry to pass a state budget, and vow to eventually approve a no new taxes budget. The mainstream media’s response: The GOP is trying to block the budget.


The GOP is trying to block Governor Doyle’s budget that contains $1.75 billion in tax and fee increases.

That’s a good thing.

But instead, the liberal media kept using terms this week like, “block,” and, “obstruct” to paint the GOP as the bad guys.

Forgive Republicans if they don’t just lie down and take the Governor’s obscene tax and spend budget.

Yes, the state budget will be late.

No, it won’t be done by the end of the fiscal year, July 1.

No, state government won’t shut down.

No, the sky isn’t falling, it’s not the end of the world.


And the most ironic.

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