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The Senators who killed the horrendous amnesty (immigration) bill.

9-year old boy saves sister from attack

Juma Gul


Chris Benoit


"When I said that Gov. Doyle's budget is a bad document many months ago . . . I was wrong. What we have before us today makes it far worse."
Senate Republican Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau, on the Senate Democrats’ budget package that included a $15.2 billion universal health care proposal.

"That's $6 billion less for consumers to spend, and $6 billion less that they could invest."
Republican Senator Mike Ellis of Neenah said the Democrats' budget would let state government spend up to $6 billion more over the next two years.

"This is not a family friendly budget. This is not a taxpayer friendly budget. When families find out what's going to come out of their pocketbook, they're going to freak."
State Senator Alberta Darling (R-River Hills)

The word used by State Senator John Erpenbach (D-Middleton) the chief sponsor of the universal health care plan to describe Governor Doyle’s response to the proposal.

“This proposal would have a devastating effect on small businesses. It would inhibit job growth and hold down wages.”
Bill Smith, state director for the National Federation of Independent Business on the universal health care plan.

“The plan was conceived in secret, without Republican input, without meaningful hearings, and dropped on senators' heads at the last possible moment - a muscular exercise in raw partisanship.”
From an editorial in he Beloit Daily News

”On every issue their approach was the same:
Gas prices are high: so senate Democrats raised gas taxes even higher ($277 million). Drivers are feeling a pinch: Democrats raised registration fees on cars ($168 million) and trucks ($26.7 million).

Health care costs are squeezing consumers: senate liberals imposed a 1% hospital tax ($418 million) and turned over all the rest of the bills to government, which has done such a great job controlling costs ($15.2 billion).

The housing market is slumping: Democrats doubled the real estate transfer fee ($142 million.)

Job growth is lagging and wages have fallen below the national average: the newly-empowered progressives slapped a 10% tax hike on corporations ($90 million) and a $15 billion tax on payrolls and wage earners.

Smokers refuse to listen to the health nannies, so the senate stuck them with a tax hike as well ($450 million.)

For every problem, senate Democrats had same solution: let the government do it; trust government to spend money rather than consumers. Grow the bureaucracy; demonize business; shrink the private sector.”

WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes

” The governor's campaign says it'll keep the money it received from Dennis Troha, who has been charged with campaign law violations in other cases. Not exactly the high road. Governor Jim Doyle should still divest his campaign of the money given to it by the Kenosha businessman who was involved in a proposed casino that ultimately would have required the governor's OK.”
From an editorial in the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel.

“This is not an act of rage. This is an act of deliberation. There was no way of telling this man was a monster.”
WWE Chairman Vince McMahon commenting on pro wrestler Chris Benoit who killed his wife and 7-year old son and then himself.

”It might be the year 2015 before people have the courage to deal with this.”
Sen. Ken Salazar, D-Colorado, one the so-called “grand bargainers” who crafted the failed immigration bill.

“One reason the Senate bill failed was that an amnesty would draw in millions of more illegal immigrants. Now we should focus on really enforcing existing laws and building the border fence.''
Rep. Ed Royce, R-Fullerton, California.

“It appears that even the deaf ears in the United States Senate were able to hear the roar of outrage from the American people about the pro-immigrant invasion bill they were trying to foist on us. The only hope we had was that the American people would hold their elected officials accountable and that worked.”
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach, California.

"It was a very traumatic experience, but I feel like God does make everything happen for a reason. And it gave me a time-out in life just to really find out what was important and what I want to do and find out who I am. I have a new outlook on life.”
Paris Hilton, on her jail experience, in an interview with CNN’s Larry King.


State Senate Democrats propose, with little time for the public and the news media to sort through the many details, a $15.2 billion universal health care coverage plan that would be funded by a payroll tax on employers and their workers.

The Tax Foundation in Washington D.C. called the $15.2 billion tax increase the largest tax increase in the history of the United States.


Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell announced he was dropping his plan for an oil industry gross profits tax. Rendell is a Democrat.

Will Jim Doyle get the message?


Paris Hilton is in jail.

Paris Hilton is going to get out of jail.

Paris Hilton is now out of jail.

Here’s how Paris Hilton survived jail.

Here’s what Paris Hilton snacked on while in jail.

Here’s what Paris Hilton thought about God when she was in jail.

Blah blah blah blah blah.


Cops pull over the famous Wienermobile, thinking it was stolen.

The Tucson newspaper coverage is loaded with puns.

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