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So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodnight



Well my dear friends, it’s been fun blogging on  If you haven’t already learned the reason why we’re leaving this site, Kevin summed it up perfectly in his blog about the same thing.  (Blue italics, correspondence from the Journal Sentinel.  Black font, Kevin.)

“Dozens of bloggers received an e-mail today from Scott Peterson, Editor-in-Chief, Journal Community Publishing Group that read in part:

I am writing today to let you know that we will be making some significant changes in how we handle our submitted content on the MyCommunityNow and LakeCountryNow websites.

Our company is on the verge of moving into new ownership and we are re-evaluating the content on our sites; a primary area that has come into focus are the community blogging platforms. As we look to our future and the content we want to provide to our readers, we have determined we want responsibility for all of the content posted on our site. Therefore, we are moving to a model that emphasizes original content that has been curated by our staff.

In charting our new direction, maintaining our strongly emphasis on local information and managing our resources more effectively, we will discontinue further posting and commenting on existing blogs effective March 31, 2016. The blogs will not be prominently displayed on our site after that date.

There also was this:

For some of you, this has been almost 10 years of community blogging, a long time by Internet measures. We hope you have found this experience rewarding. We thank you for all you’ve contributed and we wish you luck in the future.

I’ve been blogging since 2007. This is the first “thank you” I’ve ever received for what I’ve provided a fair amount of traffic to a website that I’m sure fails to garner any kind of revenue that is their real problem for these sites, not the volunteer bloggers. Eliminating volunteer bloggers that for years they recruited hot and heavy solves no economic problems. But this company is in deep denial, clueless as to why every component of their business except the broadcast properties is in desperate trouble.

My wife who also blogs on and I are now discussing where we go from here. We’re leaning because we’re passionate about our blogging to continue blogging on some independent sites. That would be a positive as that we would be able to blog free of the stipulations set by the Journal Communications.”

We’re proudly continuing our blogs through Wordpress.  You can find Kevin’s new blog here.

Additionally, you can find my new blog here.


We appreciate your loyal and continued support and readership.  We look forward to this new adventure, and welcome you along with us!

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