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Franklin Public Schools spending disease permeating into City Hall

In the world of Franklin politics, the Franklin Public Schools administration and the Franklin School Board have never met a tax increase they don’t fall in love with.

On top of that, they like to build and build and build and build and build and build, and set the spending up so that you, the taxpayers approve by voting that you want it.

A Franklin resident expects this fiscal irresponsibility from the school district, and yes, to some degree from City Hall. But don’t look now. Could city elected officials be drinking from the bubblers in Franklin schools?

As the school district wants to construct even more indicating another referendum might be on the way (Witness the report that Franklin High’s Athletic Director’s “next plan, still in its infancy, is to bring tennis courts back to the school instead of their current home at Tuckaway and Village Club. She's not greedy, she says, but she does want the best possible for the kids.”), seems City Hall might have been bitten by the Steve Patz Build and Build Some More bug.

Suddenly, Franklin’s City Hall is in need of repairs.

At the Common Council’s August 19th meeting, reported in typical timely fashion by John Rasche one week later, aldermen discussed repairs now as opposed to later.

OK, that’s reasonable. But if the quotes printed by Rasche are for real, as Vince Lombardi once screamed in famous footage by NFL Films, what the hell is goin’ on out there?

"I was actually here when this building opened … and it's been added onto, the colors have been changed, but (City Hall) hasn't really changed in all that time," said Alderman Dan Mayer. "If we have to replace the roof, let's replace it, but let's change the look of the building. We want to attract people to the city of Franklin."

Please, someone tell me Mayer didn’t really say that, did he? Let’s operate under the assumption that old eagle–eye Rasche, having an entire week to get the story right, got the story right and Mayer said:

let's change the look of the building. We want to attract people to the city of Franklin."

Oh, boy, now this is a real toughie. Suppose the Fischer family is thinking of a short out-of-town getaway. And the Fischer Family decides on, oh, call me crazy, but the choice is the Wisconsin Dells.

So there we are, planning our itinerary.

Hotel with a water park?

If still in season, Noah’s Ark?

The Ducks?

Tommy Bartlett?

No, no, noooooo Daddy! Save some time so we can go visit the Wisconsin Dells City Hall!!!

Actually, I think in the Dells they call it a municipal building, but you get the point. I'd love to post a picture of it but I couldn't find on on-line. Maybe the locals don't consider it much of a draw.

I mean seriously. We want to attract people to Franklin, you bet. And these are the people who are entrusted with seeing that gets done? The bunch that goes behind closed doors and says no to the only thing happening in Franklin besides dust, The Rock?

By the way, I don’t recall Dan Mayer when he ran stating City Hall needed a makeover.

"I think it's time … to modernize it and have it as a showplace for Franklin,” said Mayer.

Like what, Dan? A museum? A fine arts theater? A Hall of Fame?

It’s City Hall, where you go to pay your obscene property taxes! Where you go to get a flu shot! Where you go to beg to some Neanderthals to have siding on your new house!

Showplace? More like a Temple of Doom. Glorify such a place? I say no.

So does Janet Evans, the only member of the Common Council who seems to possess fiscal brain on this one.

From FranklinNOW on the spend-happy Franklin Common Council:

In a 4-1 vote, the council approved to consult an architect for a maximum cost of $15,000. The architect will develop a limited selection of concepts for alternative entrance designs for the building.

Alderwoman Janet Evans voted against the motion.

"I'm fine with just replacing what we have right now," Evans said after the meeting. "I want to keep the building looking nice … but we have been talking so much about potential development and we're working with so many ideas right now, who knows what can happen with City Hall? Will it still be here in the future or will it be somewhere else? I just can't see going beyond the basics right now."

Love it. Don’t know what the hell to do? Hire a consultant on the taxpayers’ dime.

I know I sound like a broken record but I’ll keep saying it as long as I’m blogging. It’s a horrible shame that such a fiscally conservative community is led by folks who aren’t anywhere near fiscally conservative.

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