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Another example of how goofy school boards are

This one comes from the board of the Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District. As strange as it might sound, school board members will vote next week on a measure that has unknown information. In fact, it has almost zero information. That’s right. They will vote on something and they have no idea what it is. 

No, I’m not making that up.

According to Heather Ronaldson at, the school board on Monday will decide if a referendum will be placed on the November 2014 ballot.

The referendum question, which has not been approved or drafted yet, would propose the construction of a new elementary school, ninth-grade center and community auditorium.

Board members will vote Monday if they are in favor of or are against a referendum question appearing on the November ballot. If in favor, the board will then decide what the question will specifically state. Board members have until Aug. 23 to cast their vote.

Did you follow that wacky line of thinking? Let’s vote to have a referendum. We don’t know what’s in the referendum. We’ll just deal with those minor details later.

This is loony. No responsible public policy-making body operates this way. The irrational approach reminds one of:

We’ll put the blank check on the ballot first and fill in the numbers later. Great. And these folks are running our schools.

While I appreciate Heather Ronaldson of OakCreekNOW bringing this to our attention, it didn’t take very long to be annoyed by her report. Try the lead sentence:

The Oak Creek-Franklin Joint School District may be relieved of its crowded hallways if the school board votes in favor of a referendum question for the November 2014 ballot on Monday, Aug 11.

It’s almost as if Ms. Ronaldson was gleeful as she typed on her computer. Wow. No more overcrowding. How cool is this!

I could be wrong about that. Bet I’m not.

And notice how all these major funding, i.e., taxing matters get handled in the middle of summer when the people paying the big bills aren't paying attention.

School Board-itis. A disease that unfortunately strikes statewide.

And let's see if any of these have the courage next week to prove me wrong about them. I'm not holding my breath.

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