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Culinary yes-yes #87

We all know what qualifies as an American Classic, don’t we?


May I add one more item to the list?  How about a frosty and delicious…




You just said “MMMMM…” out loud, didn’t you?  Yeah, I know.  Typical reaction for this summer favorite.  Just in case you’ve forgotten the components, here’s a “refresher.”  Pretty simple, huh?  ;-)



As with any simple concept (how difficult is it to combine vanilla ice cream and root beer?) it’s amazing how many variations on this theme exist.  A quick search on Pinterest tells me that I can make the following root beer float treats…  cookies, cupcakes, poke cake, popsicles, frozen pie, fudge, and yes even deep fried root beer floats (that would be root beer-flavored funnel cakes with vanilla ice cream and root beer syrup.)  Whew.  I’m getting a tooth ache just thinking about all those.  But the possibilities are truly endless.  If you want to host an ice cream social, you can do that too.

Certainly, there is never a BAD time for a root beer float.  But if you really want to get in the spirit of the beverage, your chance is just a few days away.  August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day.  You had no idea?  Well, now you do.  And leading the celebration is the restaurant everyone associates with all things root beer: 



This famous chain could do anything it wanted to bring on the party.  They could offer a “buy one float, get one free” coupon in local papers.  They could run TV commercials leading up to the big day.  They could send Rooty out on the street to wave to passers-by.

Instead, the restaurant is reveling in root beer by honoring the men & women who have served our country.  Please consider stopping at your area A&W on August 6th.  Not only can you enjoy a delicious, classically American beverage, you can support our veterans who need assistance.

Treating yourself to a complimentary root beer float and donating to an extremely worthwhile charity?  I can’t think of a better Culinary Yes Yes!





Just over a year ago, I sang the praises of Wendy’s offering pretzel buns.  They’re back “again” and “for now.”  Please, Wendy’s, can you just keep this delightful item PERMANENTLY?


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