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Culinary yes-yes #86

The Fischer family LOVES Milwaukee ethnic festivals.  So far this year, we’ve attended Greek Fest, Polish Fest, Festa Italiana, and German Fest.  We’re counting down the days to Irish Fest, undeniably our favorite.  We go to enjoy cultural offerings of music, traditions, costumes, dancing, and not the least of the list, food.

For the first time at German Fest this year, I noticed a sign advertising Schnitzel on a Stick.  I didn’t take this photo and it’s not from Milwaukee German Fest but you get the idea:



I love schnitzel, but the “on a stick” catapulted my taste buds into another Wisconsin must-do:  The State Fair.  Seriously where else can you get literally every food known to man skewered and deep fried?

Admittedly, some “stick” foods are so common I wouldn’t bother:  cake pops, caramel apples, corn dogs, etc. aren’t what I personally consider must-do.  The other end of the spectrum of course means things I wouldn’t go near if you paid me… that would be your gator-on-a-stick.  But schnitzel on a stick?  I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t try it at German Fest because it hasn’t been added to the Fair’s list.  Yet.

Once you venture from “stick” foods there are all sorts of other must-do’s.  For many (um, pretty much all of the world) that includes cream puffs, but also cheese curds, and a personal favorite of mine, a bison burger.  I truly love bison and have not only enjoyed burgers but a “NY Strip” cut at a Walt Disney World restaurant.  I admit I like a slice of cheese on my bison burger, the same as I do on a beef patty.  Particularly if you’re at the State Fair it’s a sacrilege not to cover every inch of something with cheese.  But that’s about where I draw the line on toppings.  If I wrote a Culinary No No blog, this NEW item would certainly make the list:


The Peanut Butter Bacon Bison Burger (PB3) from Exotic Meat Grill is a 1/3-pound bison patty topped with pit-smoked bacon and creamy peanut butter, served on Texas toast.

In a word:  EEEWWW.  Even if that New-For-2014 item doesn’t float your boat, I’m sure you can find something that does.

So what happens when, a few weeks after the annual event, you’re DYING for a funnel cake or corn dog?  You might be able to capture a taste again at a late-season church festival.  But if you’re not lucky enough to do that why not consider making your own fair-inspired treats?  According to Anna Thomas Bates and Alysha Witwicki, it can be done.  These ladies tried their hands at traditional fair foods and enjoyed success at their endeavors.

OK, OK.  I know.  Supplying a recipe for a cheese curd is all well and good.  But seriously given my love of all things dessert, how could I fail to provide a process for a perennial preference?  As in, a PUFF?




Patience, my pal.  PRESTO.

You’re getting the theme here, aren’t you?  Enjoy the State Fair as an annual gastronomic extravagance.  Then, during the rest of the year when you’re craving something to shoot your cholesterol levels through the roof, turn your kitchen into your own food stand.  It can work!

Making your own tasty treats a la some Wisconsin classics?  Undeniably a Culinary Yes Yes!




What would Michael Bloomberg think?


And I’ll have a side of Safety, please.  




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