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Culinary yes-yes #85

Last week I admitted that I’m NOT a trend-setter by any means, and that I FINALLY caught on to cake ball/cake pop mania.  Yeah, it only took me a few years.  ;-)

So.  Cupcakes.  Are they here to stay?  Passé?  Do people care, really?  How can a dessert that combines a bite (or three) of cake, in a cute wrapper, swirled to the ceiling with frosting possibly be wrong?  I love ‘em, personally.  I don’t mind a little bit of “upscaling” and I certainly don’t mind a homemade version of a junk-food classic.  Really…  if someone showed up at your place of employment with a box of them would you turn your nose up and say, “No thanks.  Cupcakes are so 2000.

There might not be much out there that can revolutionize the cupcake craze… if it needs a renaissance.  Perhaps if you’re a trendy bakery on one of the coasts and you’re trying desperately to be the cool kid you might wonder, “what’s next?”  If you thought to yourself, “Why, macarons are the new cupcake.  Everybody knows that…” you might want to reconsider.  



Back to what’s the latest and greatest for cupcake history?  While I personally love to find the perfect wrapper to compliment my baking occasion or theme, I sometimes think that people don’t look twice at them.  They ooh and ahh over the swirl of frosting, or comment on the cute toppers.  But not once, ever, have I received a compliment on the wrapper.  Apparently it’s just a necessary evil, a mere nuisance that takes precious seconds to dispose of before enjoyment of said cake.

But not anymore!  No siree!  Never again do you have to be perturbed by a piece of pleated paper pestering your pastry.  Dr. Oetker's Edible Wafer Cupcake Cases to the rescue!

Yeah, I know I said I’m not a trend-setter or trend-follower.  But this is one time I’m willing to make an exception.  A cupcake wrapper you don’t have to mess with; one that you can actually eat?  Yes, please!  I’ll definitely classify this as a Culinary Yes Yes!




Sprecher a five-time award winner.


Culver’s owner Bruce Kroll. 


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