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What did Scott Walker do this week? (06/28/14)

What did Scott Walker do this week?

Governor Walker tries out Harley-Davidson's new electric motorcycle at the HD Museum.

Lots of good news announced by Gov. Walker:

In 2013, there were more business formations than any year on record in WI (3.2%) Through May, business formation is up 4.2%.

WI is 1 of just 22 states that have created 100,000 jobs since Dec 2010.

Over the past year, we put more than $135 million into training/workforce development which will lead to higher wages for workers.

WI’s unemployment rate in May at 5.7% is lowest in more than 5 and a half years. Was 9.2% in January 2010.

CNBC released its list of Top States for Business. Wisconsin moved up to 17th (was 29th in 2010).

“Since 2010, we’ve replaced double-digit tax increases, billion dollar deficits, and major job loss, with two billion dollars in tax relief, investments in worker training for in-demand jobs, and streamlined regulations,” Governor Walker said.  “Wisconsin is going back to work, and while no rating system is perfect, this ranking  shows we are heading in the right direction.”

Governor Walker participated in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new business park development, Land and Lakes at Mount Pleasant Business Park, located between Milwaukee and Chicago.  The business park development has the potential to house nearly 800,000 square feet of new development, with occupancy of the first building available by the end of 2014.

“I am thrilled to be a part of today’s groundbreaking here in Mount Pleasant,” Governor Walker said.  “This is a unique development offering many amenities in an ideal location for new and existing businesses to grow and expand in Wisconsin.  Located 15 minutes from General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee and less than one hour from O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Land and Lakes at Mount Pleasant Business Park has easy access to two major metropolitan areas.”

The Governor was in Eau Claire to attend a Chamber of Commerce luncheon & to wish them a Happy 100th Anniversary. Local officials cheered the Governor's support of a major downtown development project.

Governor Walker gave a shout out to two Manitowoc Grove cranes used to construct the soccer stadium that is home to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

UPDATE TO LAST WEEK'S POST: On Thursday, Friends of Scott Walker campaign Communications Director Tom Evenson issued the following statement after a statement was released by the special prosecutor in the John Doe:

After the media's slanderous reporting last week, today’s statement by prosecutors should serve as an opportunity for the media to correct the record and report the real facts of this story.

Two judges have ruled there is no case.  Now prosecutors have stated clearly that not only was Governor Walker not a target of the investigation but that:

"It is wrong for any person to point to this sentence in a legal argument as a finding by the Special Prosecutor that Governor Walker has engaged in a criminal scheme. lt is not such a finding."

Governor Walker’s opponent is now using the inaccuracies reported by the media to attack him in TV ads.

I hope your respective news rooms show their commitment to the truth by reporting in detail the facts of this story as laid out in the new statements by the prosecutors.

The WI Reporter has more:

Mainstream media forced to walk back Walker ‘criminal scheme’ narrative

Milw. Journal Sentinel headline last week: John Doe prosecutors allege Scott Walker at center of 'criminal scheme'

NBC News website a few days ago:
Prosecutor Says Gov. Scott Walker not Target of Investigation

Finally, the state’s business climate is improving:

·         Governor Walker and the Legislature enacted true reforms, turning a $3.6 billion deficit when he took office, into a surplus of nearly $1 billion in the most recent budget.

·         Under Governor Walker, the tax burden is down $2 billion. 

·         After a decade of increases, property taxes have gone down three consecutive years under Governor Walker.  The property tax bill for a typical home is estimated to be less in 2014 than it was in 2010.

·         Changes to withholding (in effect as of April 1) mean parents in a typical family of four will see more than $520 more in their paychecks from April 1 to the end of this year.

·         Reforms and prudent actions under Governor Walker resulted in historic, consecutive, deposits in the state’s rainy day fund, and increasing it to the largest balance in state history.

·         After losing over 133,000 jobs in four years prior to Governor Walker taking office, Wisconsin has now gained more than 100,000 jobs.

·         The 2011-13 calendar year private sector job gains were the best three-year consecutive gains under any single Governor since 2000. They outpaced the gains under the first three years of the previous Governor's term by over 27,200 jobs.

·         Wisconsin ranked Number 2 in the Midwest and 15th highest in the country in average weekly wage growth (private sector jobs) for the fourth quarter of 2013 when compared to the fourth quarter of 2012.

·         After losing more than 27,000 businesses, under Governor Walker, Wisconsin has gained about 21,000 new businesses. 

·         After hitting 9.2 percent in 2010, the unemployment rate is down to 5.7 percent in May, the lowest since November of 2008.   Initial weekly Unemployment Insurance (UI) claims for the first 23 weeks of 2014 dropped to the lowest point since 2000, and the annual average weekly UI claims are at a 13-year low.

·         Personal income grew faster than the U.S. in 2013 and our per capita growth was 7th in the nation, ahead of Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio.

·         95 percent of Wisconsin job creators believe the state is “going in the right direction,” up from just 10 percent in 2010 (WMC Survey, Dec. 2013).

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