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Culinary yes-yes #81

Homemade lemonade is on my “do this someday” list.  Certainly not difficult by any means, I’m not sure I feel like making my own simple syrup and juicing lemons for half a day.  (I don’t own an electric juicer that would take on some of the work for me.)

That’s why on any given day during the summer months, you can open our refrigerator and find this staple instead:





Kyla LOVES pink (of course!) lemonade year-round while I generally prefer it only in summer.  Mixed with half iced tea for the traditional Arnold Palmer, or with a splash of vodka post 5:00 pm, I love it too.  I’ve tried other ready-made lemonades and always come back to Mr. Newman’s brand.  I prefer the taste to any others and I’m happy knowing that profits are donated to charities.

As long as we’re talking “ready-made” and “tasty” at the same time let’s discuss other Newman’s Own products.  While I would like to make homemade lemonade, I honestly have no desire to make my own pasta sauce.  Yeah, I know, an Italian would spit in my eye.  It’s just one of those things that seems not worth the time when I can twist a cap and say “Mangia!” in five minutes.  Again, I find Newman’s Own to be a great combination of tasty and economical.  I’m not a sauce snob so I don’t find it necessary to pay almost $10 for some of the jars available.  On the other hand, I don’t “do Ragu” either.

Sensing a theme here?  If your answer is, “Yeah, Jennifer, you’re lazy” that wasn’t quite what I was going for.  I’m actually talking about the products bearing Paul Newman’s famous face, with the profits going to Newman’s Own Foundation.  In turn, various charities receive donations from this foundation.

Starting in 1982 with seemingly humble salad dressing delivered to friends in repurposed wine bottles, I’m sure Paul never dreamed he’d create such a philanthropic empire.  But that’s exactly what he did.

Whether you’re short on time and want a tasty frozen pizza or need a fresh way to start your morning with cereal or Greek yogurt, Paul has you covered.  I haven’t tried items in EVERY category but I’ve never been disappointed with any product I’ve purchased.

Paul was an anomaly in Hollywood – he remained faithfully and happily married to his second wife Joanne Woodward for 50 years.  And he created a charitable legacy that no other film star can match, in my estimation.  He certainly knew what the term “recipe for success” meant.  That’s why it’s easy for me to call Newman’s Own products an absolute Culinary Yes Yes.


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