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Recommended Reading (06/21/14)

Recommended Reading


Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree).

Patently Absurd Activism on 'Redskins'

The left doesn't oppose disparaging terms when the cause is leftist. "Dykes on Bikes" was successfully registered by lesbian "pride" activists in 2007. A woman named Ava Watkins received approval for a "Twatty Girl" trademark for caps, jogging suits and women's underwear.

But say the word "Redskins," and the left collectively faints.

Forget 'Redskin' decision, here's what scares NFL

But what may really be more upsetting to the NFL is a lawsuit before the U.S. Supreme Court that some say could change the TV broadcast business, cloud computing and cost the pro football league billions of dollars. A decision could come as early as Monday.

The Talk Radio Effect

The death of conservative talk radio, hailed by liberal pundits earlier this year after Rush Limbaugh’s ratings took a tumble, has been greatly exaggerated. And many political analysts, focusing on the medium’s failure to boost Republicans’ fortunes in 2008 and 2012, have missed the powerful effect radio can have on party primaries.

Democrats need a Plan B if Hillary bows out or stumbles

The possible disintegration of Iraq in the face of militant insurgents would complete the reduction of U.S. foreign policy to shambles, coming as it does on top of the defiance of Syria, the Russian incursion in Ukraine, the incipient trade and cyber wars with China, and the stall in regional trade talks in the Pacific and the Atlantic, among other developments.

It would mark again the failure of the Obama administration to anticipate problems or to take decisive action once the crisis arose. Since these issues did not arise overnight, a large share of the blame lies with Clinton, who was the chief of foreign policy during President Barack Obama’s first term.

Why Have Americans Stopped Asking These 5 Vital Questions?

Believing that America will continue to be strong, prosperous and free no matter what we do is just as foolish as believing that a human being will continue to be healthy, happy and free if he consumes nothing but vodka, crack and doughnuts.

Just as the richest, healthiest, happiest man can be undone if he stops doing what made him successful, America can be undone if we stop asking the crucial questions that guided previous generations.

Why Americans Dislike Soccer

“Who the heck cares about a bunch of guys playing footsie with a little ball?”


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