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So many celebrations & activities!

It’s painfully obvious that I haven’t blogged much these last two weeks.  It’s with good reason.  Our wonderful little girl just completed her first year of school.  K-4 has been an adventure to say the very least.  We have had such a wonderful time at St. Anthony’s School that I can’t imagine being anywhere else.

Let me recap Kyla’s final week of school.  On June 6th (Friday) all the K-4 classes enjoyed “Beach Day.”  The teachers created stations for the kids that included water tables, sand boxes, bubbles, hula hoops, beach balls and more.  They spent the morning playing themselves into oblivion.  I had the privilege of helping out the entire morning and was happy to treat Kyla’s class to Beach Bear Cupcakes.







That following Monday June 9th we took an all K-4 class trip to the Racine Zoo.  I was able to chaperone and had two of Kyla’s best friends, Amirah and Johnny, in my group.  Since the Racine Zoo is manageable in size, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing at the Kid’s Cove Play Area along the lake.  It was delightful.  You won’t be surprised when I say that the ride HOME from the trip was considerably quieter than the ride GOING there.  ;-)





The next day Kyla participated in an awards ceremony.  Students with excellent attendance were recognized by their teacher and the principal.  Kevin & I were in the audience cheering her on, of course.  Kyla’s teacher was extremely proud, as you can see:







Finally, on Friday June 13th, the ENTIRE student body of St. Anthony’s grade school participated in mass at the Basilica of St. Josaphat.  Students from all campuses walked with the aid of several police escorts who closed streets and directed traffic.  It truly was a sight to behold.  Since I was busy helping to corral many enthusiastic and not-very-attentive K-4 students I didn’t get any photos of this spectacle.  From the Basilica’s Facebook page…





After what seemed like a particularly lengthy mass we all walked back to school and Kyla’s campus (K-4 through 2nd grade) enjoyed an all-day carnival.  Three “bouncy houses,” a DJ, and game/activity stations were loved by everyone.  I was able to help out at this as well so my photos were limited:





Candy was awarded for prizes; juice boxes kept the kids hydrated; popsicles were handed out for treats; and Kyla’s classmate celebrated his birthday at the end of the day with cake.  Let me tell you, the crash from the sugar rush was something THIS mommy doesn’t care to repeat any time soon!

To thank every teacher (not just the ones she had for her own classes) and other staff, Kyla proudly handed out Custom Confections by Jennifer’s hand-dipped coated Oreos:





The teachers at St. Anthony’s are an amazing group.  We are truly blessed to be a part of their “family.”  This was such a simple thing, but judging by the amount of hugs & thank-you’s we received, I know they were appreciated!

WHEW!  There you have it… the many reasons why I haven’t blogged lately.  I wouldn’t have traded a single moment I spent with Kyla for anything in the world.  I feel so fortunate to have been included in all the festivities.

The next few months promise to be full of fun and many activities.  So far we’ve signed up for the summer reading program at the Franklin Public Library, and have swimming lessons and Irish Dance lessons on the calendar.  Our Summer Bucket List is a long one but I look forward to all of it! 

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