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Recommended Reading (06/07/14)

Recommended Reading

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree).

ADDED 6/8/14: 5 Lessons In The Heroic Act That Stopped The Seattle School Shooter

Our culture is behind Waukesha girls' stabbing case

We won't know for some time what really drove the girls to grab that knife and hold their friend down and stab her, if indeed that's what happened. But we do know about the culture they live in.

It is a culture that has fallen in love with magic and fantasy. It is a culture that takes fantasy symbols of evil -- the vampire, the witch -- and transforms them into heroes of great virtue. It is a culture where dark magic is celebrated, but religion is considered bothersome. We reap what we sow.

Surrender without honor

President Obama betrayed the highest obligation of his office — safeguarding national security — in trading five hard-core Taliban for the American serviceman who appears to have deserted in Afghanistan.

‘Meet My Husband, Injuries Directly Brought to You by the Actions of this Traitor’

Fed up with the hoopla surrounding Bergdahl and the claim by Obama that he served with honor and distinction, the wife of man who sacrificed his life in the search for Bergdahl, and returned disabled, has spoken out via Facebook.

SGT Bergdahl, liberal hypocrisy & the corruption of honor

What the episode surrounding Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl conveys to us all is that desertion is honorable to liberal progressives. Making anti-American comments and statements is distinguished and conveys a certain distinction of service. Having six Soldiers lose their lives during search and recovery operations — as opposed to taking an action to preserve American Soldiers’ lives — is held in high regard. And lying to the families of those killed is acceptable, if not encouraged. Releasing the enemy is a more relevant and worthy reason to violate an oath to the Constitution — as opposed to upholding that same oath.

Bergdahl's Platoon Hits Back Against Being Called 'Psychopaths' and 'Swift Boaters' by Obama Allies

…platoon members not only rejected the accusations, but further exposed Bergdahl's actions. They all said they want to see him given a court martial.

A new war between the states

Wealth and people are moving in America, from places where local policies inhibit economic growth to places where the tax and regulatory climate is sunnier.

Who's racist?

But while I’ve never associated conservatives with racism, I also never used to associate liberals with racism. But I was naive in this matter. While there are liberals and leftists who are not racist, I have come to understand that many are — considerably more than conservatives.

Here are some proofs:

The luggage tag with GPS

As luggage has become increasingly indistinguishable, travelers have tried ever more ways to set their bags apart, like tying bright ribbons on the handle or slapping on fluorescent stickers on the side.

Now, some companies and airlines are developing a digital alternative to the paper tag, not only to find lost bags, but also to make check-in quicker.

The email embargo policy: Turn smartphone off and chill!

Be honest. How often do you check your email?

Do you scroll though messages before work? In bed? On vacation?

One study showed workers who have smartphones are on them at least 13.5 hours a day—and five hours on weekends. Another survey found 38 percent of workers check email "routinely" at the dinner table and half of them checked it in bed.

Getting a few more hours of work out of employees may seem like a great deal for companies that spring for a smartphone, laptop or tablet for their workers. But it can also be counterproductive.

Dogs can't root out root causes of stress

Now, I know our lives are hectic today. We have to keep up with rapid advances in technology. We live in distant cities, far away from our families and friends. In many families, both parents work, which keeps households busy and scattered. And there is the looming worry about the economy, government overspending and the potential for a real barnburner of a collapse.

But our solution to these stress-inducing matters is to bring our dogs to work?

That may be a nice, temporary Band-Aid for some, but the real solution is to get to the root cause of most of our stress.


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