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Recommended Reading (05/31/14)

Recommended Reading

Here are interesting articles from the past week that are worth a read (even if, on occasion, I do not agree).

ADDED JUNE 1: An Alpha Dad’s Letter To All The “Elliot Rodgers” Out There

Don’t wish you were someone else. I wasted a lot of time during my early years always wanting to be someone else, and thank God those wishes didn’t come true. With the advent of Facebook I’ve seen how some of those clowns that I looked up to/wanted to be back in high school turned out. Holy crikey, they’re train wrecks. Also, a lot of the girls that I thought I couldn’t live without back in the day morphed into sea-cows. Thank God my prayers weren’t answered back then, eh?

The 6 Lamest Excuses For Failure From The Obama Administration

Not only is he giving a hopelessly dishonest excuse, but he's insulting your intelligence by expecting you to believe something so stupid at the same time.

Don't Let Mass Killers Hold the Culture Hostage

I don’t mean to trivialize these heinous tragedies, but what, exactly, do people propose? Should we police film, politics, novels, video games, and every other type of communication and discourse for words and ideas that might set off a statistically microscopic minority of crazy people? What would that effort look like? How many censors would it require? How many hundreds of millions of people would be inconvenienced? Could free speech and artistic expression possibly survive?

Oh, and would it actually, you know, work?

Do mentally ill, multiple killer victims purposefully pick targets where victims are most  vulnerable?

With all the discussions about mental illness, one has to understand how much care and planning these killers engage in.

Green Beret slams Gwyneth Paltrow

Movie star Gwyneth Paltrow is catching a lot of flak for comparing negative Twitter comments to fighting in a war. Perhaps the best response, however, comes from Green Beret and Purple Heart recipient Bryan Sikes.

White People Be Playing the Race Card

I'm old enough to remember when only black people called black people "Uncle Tom." Democrats, however, long expanded the category of who can play the race card and on whom. Call them equal opportunity race-card players.

As with black race-card hustlers -- say the Revs. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton or any given host on MSNB-Hee-Haw -- white race-card players label others "racist" for the crime of disagreement. As with black race-card hustlers, white race-card hustlers need not name names when accusing someone of "racism." And, as with black race-card hustlers, the mainscream media will not bother to ask the white race-card hustler to identify said racists.

D-Day at 70: Some nagging questions

I want to be able to say thanks before another 200,000 vets pass from the scene.

Bucks co-owner bullish on building new arena

Sacramento project offers example of the anatomy of designing an NBA arena

So, you want to build a new NBA arena? Let’s make one giant assumption at the start: You have the cash in hand to get the project done (OK, a really giant assumption ). From there, where do you go? You need to find a suitable site and then come up with an interior plan that will make your team money and an exterior design that excites your local community about your venue. While just a building, it is one you’ll spend millions on — if not a full billion — and designing in success takes time, research and a keen understanding of your city.

The Sacramento Kings find themselves squarely in the center of the design process. After presenting final plans to the Sacramento City Council on May 20, the Kings are now ready to begin pre-demolition this month and actual construction on their brand-new arena this fall. The team hopes to open the new arena in October 2016.

The Kings and global architectural firm AECOM — the designers of more NBA arenas than anybody else (think Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Barclays Center and FedEx Forum) — allowed access into the process. What follows is the anatomy of designing a NBA arena.


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