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Bob is a retired education administrator who was an academic administrator for a local university for 28 years and spent almost 10 years as an administrator/manager at an educational association in Brookfield. He and his wife now run a small consulting business called DeRoche Consulting LLC.

Greendale Middle School Vehicle Traffic

Greendale Middle School

I don't know if Greendale Middle School drop-off and pick-up traffic in the Village Center is currently an issue. I think it was brought up last year by the Ad Hoc Committee studying the Village Center. For the sake of discussion, let's say that it is an issue. Perhaps there are parents, citizens, school administrators, and Village officials who are concerned about traffic around the Village Center in the morning and afternoon during the school year and some traffic during summer session. I would like to propose one solution. One way to solve the traffic issue would be to take the baseball/softball field in back of the building (west) and turn three quarters of it into a parking lot and roadway. This is a terrible field. The dirt and grass are like concrete. I know because my daughter played softball on that field and I've walked it. A circle road could be built around the new parking lot for cars or buses picking up students. With the space available, a way could be found to separate cars and buses if that were necessary. A quarter of the field could be left for playground and recess activity for the school. Traffic would enter the area from several "E" Section streets and stop/finish times could be coordinated with Canterbury School to avoid conflict with other traffic. If possible, an extension road could be cut from one of the" "E" streets directly to the new circle road. Student drop-off and pick-up would be similar to or better than what currently happens at Highland View and College Park Schools. In summary the proposal is this: - convert the baseball field into a parking lot, - build a circle roadway around the lot, - leave some of the field for a playground, - traffic would enter the area through "E" streets, - extend one of the "E" street roads to the new circle road (optional). This is just one proposal. I am sure there will be others if this is an issue. In the meantime, think about it.

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