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Easter Eggstravaganza

When the forecast for today promised a cool yet sunny & dry morning, I knew what Kyla and I would be doing:  Egg Day at the Zoo.  Kevin wanted to join us, but we feared too much walking today would render him sore & tired for tomorrow’s festivities.  “There’s always next year” has become our motto lately but we’re not about to rush his so-far-perfect recovery.

As I exited the freeway I was immediately stopped by a very long line of cars coming from East and West heading to the entrance.  I thought we’d be waiting “forever” but in just minutes, we were parked and on our way to adventures:



I’ll admit I’m spoiled by our many Disney World experiences.  Disney has a system of organization that is second to none.  I had visions of this Egg Day being a catastrophic mess; it was anything but.  Our first stop was to make an Easter Basket to hold our treasures.  The well-appointed tables were “manned” by a lovely group of women – any one of them I’d be proud to have for my grandma.  Kyla enjoyed coloring her basket that was assembled in seconds by the volunteer:



While Kyla worked on creating a masterpiece for her head, I chatted with another friendly Zoo helper.  Kyla crayoned away while she & I talked hip replacements.  (It seems just about anyone in the world can relate to you once you have a joint operation!)  Since we mentioned why Daddy wasn’t with us today, Kyla was kindly given a second set for Daddy to wear at home.  We’ll see if he colors his later to match his daughter’s:



Our adventure continued with the quest for a sugar rush.  So off we went to the “egg hunt” portion of the morning.  Slips of paper with Easter images were scattered about the kids’ playground area.  Little “bunnies” were scrambling to pick up as many of these scraps as possible.  Then it was off to the treat table to redeem the papers for candy.  Regardless of the quantity collected, everyone was generously given the same sweet treats:  a Twizzler stick, a Dum-Dum lolly, and a packet of kid-friendly flavor Jelly Belly beans.  Kyla was pleased with her loot, but even happier to have a run around the play area:



Of course no trip to the Zoo would be complete without a carrousel ride, right?  Despite a bit of wind, kids were eager to pop on a pony and Kyla was no exception.  I think her expression sums up her joy:



On our way out, we stopped to say hello to Mr. and Mrs. and wish them a very Happy Easter.  I hope he remembers how polite Kyla was when he stops at our house to fill a basket:



I would like to extend a sincere thanks to the Milwaukee County Zoo for their delightful Easter Egg-stravagana today.  It was perfectly organized, staffed by extremely friendly people, and a fabulous way to add to a family Easter celebration.  We will indeed return next year!  


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