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Kevin Fischer is a veteran broadcaster, the recipient of over 150 major journalism awards from the Milwaukee Press Club, the Wisconsin Associated Press, the Northwest Broadcast News Association, the Wisconsin Bar Association, and others. He has been seen and heard on Milwaukee TV and radio stations for over three decades. A longtime aide to state Senate Republicans in the Wisconsin Legislature, Kevin can be seen offering his views on the news on the public affairs program, "InterCHANGE," on Milwaukee Public Television Channel 10, and heard filling in on Newstalk 1130 WISN. He lives with his wife, Jennifer, and their lovely young daughter, Kyla Audrey, in Franklin.

The latest from the WI Conservative Digest: Crime, MPS, reading, the UW, more

KF NOTE: Never a pulled punch. Here we go.


Pot Smoking Legal in Wisconsin?

      Must be, as the 6th district GOP went on bender, passing a resolution advocating secession.  We did that in 1865, did not work very well.  To make it worse, they met in the state Resolutions committee and passed it on to the state convention.  Is it the air around here?  Nutty.  The governor has condemned it. The state chair needed to step in and deep six this turkey quick, or everyone in country will think that we are nuts.

        New research from an important hospital and group shows that pot smoking alters brain functions.  Anyone that has seen potheads on regular basis would already know that and now it is going to get worse.  Cancer is a very real danger for anyone that smokes something that fills the lungs like that.


Crime in Milwaukee    


     Facetiously I have suggested that instead of secession, giving Milwaukee to Chicago as Rahm, believe it or not, is actually moving to fix the schools and the crime rate.  Barrett does nothing. Shootings every day, Heroin epidemic, deaths up 67%.  Barrett's answer?  Form a committee. Journal must think they're good ideas as they sit silent.

     In Milwaukee they slumber, ignoring being the top ten in violence and the worst schools in nation.

     Glenn Frankovis, retired. Police Capt. From 5th district, worst in city, a member of the panel on the "War on Crime" at the March Wisconsin Conservative Action Conference has answers.  He has done it. He has noted, from his book: Area Saturation Patrol, how to control crime in Milwaukee. No one listens.  No one does anything.

       Pot smoking is way up.  CO. and WA. Have big problems. First Pot, then smack.

      Brown in CA. says: No Way".  Give him credit.  Countries that have been in this direction have gone back.  Death penalty for drug sales.  18 executed in Nam.

      Will it take bodies in the street everywhere?  At least, I tell Potheads that it will help balance out SS, Keep it up.

      From 50 years of clinical pharmacy, I can tell you that once an addict just like an alcoholic you never are done.  One drink, one shot and you are gone.  Ask Phillip Seymour Hoffman when you addicts see him. 

    Barrett and Flynn have answers?  After every shooting they ask for new laws, while not bothering to enforce the ones that we have.  Journal backs them up.  They ask for crackdown on crime and then say nothing.  Want to crack down on crime?  Ask Clarke, Frankovis, not the Left, the Journal and the Junkies.  Prosecute straw buyers.  Put gun criminals in jail instead of over 90% back on the streets.  Causey whines about inner city kids in jail for 8,000 words, than proposes nothing to stop it.  What the hell good is he?  Clarke says protect yourself and the Left has nitwit fit.  No answers though.  They run pussycat guy against him that even his mother will not vote for.

    The Journal praises Barrett and Flynn, the guys that have caused the problems for wanting new laws.  Nuts.  Giuliani, Bloomberg, Austin other cities have tamed crime without any such laws.  This is just an excuse. The Journal is covering up for it's own bad endorsements.  If you do what they say, nothing more will happen for the next ten years.

     Let us face it, the Left just wants the citizens’ guns and they will not give them up. In NY and CN they refuse to register them.  NY about 5%.  They know full well that as soon as they do, next year Cuomo and company will be there, taking them away as they did in Canada and Australia.  After this show of force, against Reid's land confiscation, they will be even more determined.  Only a major victory in fall will help. Crime rose drastically right afterwards.  In this country, it would be a shooting gallery for the thugs.



MPS and Reading


    Give the Journal writers credit for finally realizing that the key to success at MPS is teaching the kids to read.  Get them away from TV and video games, give them books and open up the world.  Leon Todd says it is culture.  Can it be changed? Once you discover the world, you do not want to go back to TV.  Your mind is far more interesting than any TV or two dimensional game.

     This and busting up the bureaucracy are the only solutions to MPS problems.  Let the neighborhoods, if the kids reach 4th grade and cannot read, give them a book and they fail.

     Thanks, James Causey and Alan Borsuk, you have earned your salaries today with your articles on reading. Now what is anyone going to do?  It is easy to write editorials, much harder to fight that huge bureaucracy and do something.

     Thornton was good man, but no one, Journal, Barrett, unions would back him up, so he moved on.  Now we will get some new guy and all the same BS will be written about new guy and new day.  Then 4 years later, he will be gone because the gutless politicos will not help.  

     It is easier to fence off the inner cities, let the kids, 57% unemployment, languish, let them shoot each other, as long they stay away from east side and NShore.  

     What can we all do to help?

       If people are sincere about getting parents involved in their schools, they need to dump the Vliet St. jerks and turn these schools over to the neighborhoods and the parents.  It is a mess.


UW system

     Scott Walker has announced another freeze of tuition for the next two years.  Thanks to the accounting faction in the Assembly, headed up by Dale Kooyenga, Howard Marklein they discover the giant cash cow that the system had squirreled away.   Now it is up to the Regents to examine and set a new streamlined system that gets kids through in 4 years without crippling debt.  The UW system has lived on pushing these kids deeply into debt and it is wrong.  I think that old Bob LaFollette would have a fit if he had been here during this era of big student debt.  It cripples these kids, coming out of school, for at least a decade, slowing down marriages, homes, families, going into business.  It is nuts.     


Milwaukee Bucks


     Nice news about the Bucks.  We are not big fans of pro ball; they should move the basket up to 12 feet to make it more challenging.  I like college. 

    We get all excited about a poor basketball team and the elephants,  crime, MPS, bad management, poverty, abandoned houses, heroin etc. run right by.

         We have lost hundreds of thousands of kids the last 5 decades because of these bad schools. The parents are totally frustrated because they have little say.  Vliet St is an empire, do not bother to enter.


Milwaukee County

     "The voters have spoken, the dirty bastards":  Famous saying. Some supervisors still do not believe what the voters explained to them through the polls, how worthless and embarrassing they think that they are.  Want to know why Milwaukee has problems?  Look to the Leaders.         


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