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Culinary yes-yes #74

If I recall correctly, my first experience with “them” was playing the tune on the piano during one of my piano lessons.  At the time, it was just a little ditty to help me learn the Key of C.  Clearly I had no clue that over 30 years later I’d be writing about them in a culinary sense.

In just a few short days, we Catholics will be celebrating the culmination of our Lenten season with Easter.  Particularly if we’re Polish we kick it off with a few of these little delights.  Then it’s 40 days of giving up personal favorites and eating nothing but seafood on Fridays for several weeks.  (Why is it, I wonder, that the only time I crave a steak on Friday is during Lent?  Unreal.)

Then comes Good Friday when, traditionally, we are to fast until dinner.  But somehow, we can incorporate “them” into our dining rituals.  Have you finally figured out what I’m referring to?  Need another hint?  How ‘bout…



MMM I bet that set your mouth a-waterin’ right?  Look at those darlings…  A yeast roll, spiced beautifully with cinnamon, cardamom and citrus; studded with raisins; topped generously with a cross of icing.  Tell me, what’s not to love?  And apparently we’ve loved them since the beginning of time.

There are “bazillions” of recipes out there for you to try, if you are so inclined to make your own.  Naturally Catholic Cuisine’s blog features history, stories and a traditional recipe.  You may also recall that in my Paczki Culinary Yes Yes, I linked to Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe.  Well, she seemed to get it right then, and seems to get it right in a prior blog as well!  Yes, I will blame her outright when my jeans no longer button.  ;-)

Of course there are tons of Pinterest ideas out there…  fluffy bunny tail cake bites, “carrot cones” made from bread dough, orange-hued snacks to mimic The Bunny’s favorite munch…  it can get overwhelming.  But take a moment or two, get over your fear of yeast rolls, and pound out a batch of these for your family.  Trust me, they won’t even notice the baskets!

A tried-and-true Easter tradition to tempt your tummy?  Naturally, a Culinary Yes Yes!


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