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Cold hard cash for Frozen merchandise

A couple of weeks ago, I picked up a small bouquet of balloons to surprise Kyla when she came home from school.  Yes, that would be for her birthday.  While her “big bash” isn’t for a couple weeks yet due to Kevin’s recuperation and other family commitments, we simply couldn’t let her special day go by without some fanfare.  There was a definite Frozen theme to her day and the balloons were no exception:



The only place I purchase balloons from is our favorite Franklin family-owned Balloonee Toonz.  I talked to the owners at length about the unbelievable popularity of the movie, and how grateful I was that they actually had any of the balloons in stock.  They told me how even the balloon industry didn’t expect sales to be so crazy for Frozen items.  Production of mylars was limited, and retailers only received a small, set amount.  Fortunately for us, BT had the foresight to order as many as they were allowed, thus insuring customers who came as from all over the greater Milwaukee area that they could indeed buy the coveted inflatables.  Moms were in a crazy-mad dash for all their themed parties throughout the winter – they just had to have the balloons.  I’m willing to bet that if the owners had tripled or quadrupled their standard price they still would have sold out.

So that is just one personal anecdote of Frozen furor.  And yes, I’m one of those moms who would have gladly forked over a couple extra bucks so that my daughter could watch Anna & Elsa floating in helium-induced magic.

But would I pay $1,600 for a much sought-after Elsa limited edition gown so that Kyla could wear it while she belts out “Let It Go” for the dozen times a day she sings it?  Um, probably not.  But there are moms out there even more obsessed than I am.

For the record, my wedding gown cost just slightly more than one third of that. 

UPDATE from Baloonee Toonz:

Disney princesses, princess


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