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"Do you know what today is?"

Early this morning, I decided to play an April Fool’s Day prank on all my Facebook friends.  (You really, REALLY find out who reads your posts when you do something like this!)  I posted a photo of my positive pregnancy test from Kyla with the caption, “Well, here’s to nine months of no wine…”

Literally TWO SECONDS later my first response was, shut the front door!!! omg that is sooooo awesome!!! congrats!!!

About two MINUTES after that, another friend replied:  “I'm not fallin for this one!!!! hehehe =] and right after that another with, “Ok, totally started with the "ARE YOU KIDDING ME"... but I get it now... well played… well played”

I felt a bit guilty after all the lovely, heartfelt responses of congratulations.  But this IS April 1st after all.  I thought all our friends & family would know by now that we’re at the “one and done” point in our lives.  So after a few hours, I posted this not-so-gentle reminder:



I distinctly remember the best “gotcha” moment played on me.  When Kevin and I were dating and he was in the process of converting me into a total Elvis fan he planned a trip to Memphis for us.  Since we were staying at the Heartbreak Hotel (yes, the one literally at the end of Lonely Street!) he had the perfect set-up.  He called me at work to tell me that the hotel was hosting a special impersonation contest when we were going to be there.  There were all kinds of amazing prizes to be won and we could participate if we wanted to!

Fortunately this was LONG before Pinterest had come on the scene or I would have created a new board in 0.5 seconds flat.  As it was, I was crazy enough to have the entire submission figured out.  We would recreate a famous scene from Viva Las Vegas:


It wouldn’t be too tough…  I could easily find a leotard, tights, heels, and a red turtleneck.  I was willing to dye my long hair red.  Kevin might be forced to wear a wig but oh well.  For a prize, it was all worth it.

My phone was barely back in the cradle and I was running down the hall to my coworkers’ office.  In a rush of words that didn’t include much breathing, I told them everything…  the contest, the plan, the prizes, you name it.  A few hours later, he called again.  Needless to say the first thing I had to tell him was how I had it all figured out and we’d win first prize.

Pause on his end.  One thousand one… one thousand two…  “Uh, Honey, do you know what today is?”

OK so I’m in love, I’m blonde, and I’m Polish.  At that point in my life it took longer than usual to catch on to things.

Finally, it sunk in. And speaking of “sunk” that would describe my heart.  Of course there was the extra “joy” of having to tell my aforementioned coworkers that, indeed, I was the victim of a cruel, viscious, horrific April Fool’s joke.

Perhaps today I just wanted to be on the other end of a prank for once.

However after seeing THIS video, I think that the best thing in the world must be to participate in a concept called “Prank it forward.”  If you are prone to tears, PLEASE grab a tissue before viewing.  Happy April 1st everyone!



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