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America's Heroin Problem

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From Yahoo News


Why heroin is spreading in America's suburbs


Ana was a good student in middle school.  She got above-average grades, seemed poised and self-possessed, and, like many of her friends in her charming coastal town north of Boston, was on a probable path to college.  Then, during her freshman year in high school, she decided to experiment with drugs and alcohol.


One night she got very drunk with some friends and loved it.  She says it made her feel like "the person she wanted to be.”  Before long she was also smoking marijuana.  Soon after, a friend gave her some prescription painkiller pills to try, which Ana (not her real name) says made her feel even better than the alcohol.


She started buying the pills illicitly – often spending several hundred dollars a day.  She stole to support her habit, but it wasn't enough.  Then her friend asked her: Why not try heroin, since it's so much cheaper?  Ana was shocked.  Heroin, after all, was for "real" drug addicts.


But by that time her dependence on the painkillers had become more than she could resist.  She bought the heroin, snorting the powder at first.  But within six days she was injecting herself with a needle – becoming the archetype of a classic heroin addict.


Stronger heroin is only one reason behind the nation's growing addiction problem.  The other – and more prevalent cause, say police and medical experts – is the nation's pill culture.


Ana's route to addiction is a familiar one, according to addicts: a progression from alcohol to marijuana to painkillers to heroin.  There are variations on that theme: a sports injury and a prescription for opioids that goes on far longer than it should; a peek inside the family medicine cabinet to find a trove of prescription pills – such as Percocet, OxyContin, Vicodin, codeine – that can be used as recreational drugs.


Nancy's journey with her daughter Lauren began in middle school.  Lauren (not her real name) started by drinking alcohol and experimenting with marijuana.  By her freshman year in high school, she had stopped participating in sports and was nodding off at the dinner table.  By her sophomore year, she was taking "a lot of pills and a lot of cocaine."



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