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Update on the wounded heroes we've rescued from the winter cold

Emergency winter aid project

Dear Friend,

Emergency winter aid projectI'd like to thank you again for your kindness during this bitterly cold winter. I thought you'd like to know that over the past 30 days the Coalition's faithful friends gave $34,369.59 to desperate wounded heroes facing evictions or utility cutoffs in the freezing weather. ($28,772.80 for emergency housing aid and $5,596.79 to avert utility cutoffs.)

As I mentioned to you in my previous emails, some of these wounded heroes had already been evicted and were living on the streets. Others were just days away from an eviction or the disconnection of their heat and hot water.

But because of the Coalition's wonderful family of supporters - including you, Friend - not a single wounded hero was turned away.

I anticipate we'll receive approximately the same number of emergency financial aid requests over the next 30 days. So please consider making one final donation to the Coalition's Emergency Winter Relief Project.

Your tax-deductible winter relief donation will be used to provide emergency financial aid to someone like retired Army Sgt. Matthew Pennington, who sacrificed his leg during the war on terror. After leaving the hospital Matthew and his wife urgently needed financial aid - and they got it.

"The Coalition has been a ray of hope in the darkness and their great job will never be forgotten," he said.

I'm retired Major General John K. Singlaub, and I'm spearheading the Coalition's winter relief drive. As I write this message, many military families are getting shocked by the utility bills they're receiving.

Make no mistake. Utility companies WILL cut off your heat and hot water . . . even if you lost an arm or leg serving your country . . . and even if you're freezing in the middle of winter. Just look at what happened to retired Army Sgt. First Class Philip Bauer.

Philip and his family live in icy cold upstate New York, in a town called Webster, not far from Buffalo.

While serving in Iraq, Sgt. Bauer's Chinook helicopter was hit by gunfire and plunged 150 feet to the ground. At the hospital Philip's right leg had to be amputated.

Emergency winter aid project

After returning home he learned his financial problems were just beginning. Like so many other severely wounded servicemen and women, his government disability pay and benefits were slashed in half because he lost his combat pay.

Then one day their heat and electricity were disconnected in the dead of winter.

His wife Jennifer told the Coalition,

"The bills piled up and we had no electricity or heat. My husband is very proud and did not want to ask for help.

"I found the website for the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes and said to Philip, 'Can we at least try?' "

Philip agreed, and through the kindness of our patriotic supporters, the Bauers received $2,308.96 from the Coalition's Emergency Financial Aid program.

"My children and husband and I want to thank the Coalition for saving us in our greatest time of need," Jennifer said.

Please help save another military family in their greatest time of need right now.

Nearly every day we hear from another desperately military family like the Bauers. And while the weather has returned to normal in most of the country, plenty of our Northern states have more ice and snow on the way. And nearly every military family is going to get a heating bill that's far higher than expected.

Friend, I'm so proud of you for what you've already done for these financially strapped military families.

Remember, we didn't have to turn anyone away during the record-breaking cold and snow. So please do your part to make sure we don't have to turn anyone away in the next 30 days either.

I can promise your kindness will be helping a severely wounded hero who made an extremely painful physical sacrifice - so you and I wouldn't have to.


Major General John K. Singlaub
Major General John K. Singlaub
U.S. Army (Ret.)

P.S. Remember the Coalition was able to rescue every wounded hero who asked us for help to avert an eviction, utility cutoff or other financial crisis during the recent cold spell. So thanks again for your patriotism and kindness.

I don't want to turn anyone away during March, either, and I know you wouldn't want me to. So please do your part right now.

Although much of the country has warmed up, nearly every day we're hearing from a military family in a bitterly cold Northern state who's fallen behind on their rent or utility bills. So please make one final donation to the Coalition's Emergency Winter Relief Project to help rescue a wounded hero, maybe someone about to be evicted in Maine, Montana or Minnesota or other ice-cold state.

Perhaps you'll be helping a wounded hero like Army Private Dexter F., who told us,

"We are running out of food, the phone bill needs to be paid and the lights were turned off this week."

Thanks again for supporting the Coalition to Salute America's Heroes.

Emergency winter aid project

Emergency winter aid project

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