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An Experiment Gone Wrong Or Did It?

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Cover is blown, I made a mistake.


What you say, cover blown?


Is this some sort of Undercover Boss?


Please read on to understand it will be clear in the end!


As many of you readers know there is a Facebook Website Cudahy Town Hall (the name even implies it is somehow City Hall or connected to it – there is no disclaimer stating it is not) run by my former opponent in the 2013 Cudahy District 3 election.  This Facebook page recently has peaked my interest given many of the members were trashing the Cudahy Elected officials that they haven’t done enough, don’t keep people informed and don’t listen.  A bunch of these people don’t even live in Cudahy.  Some even resort to bulling methods.


I keep in the back of my mind all of the fake people coming after me, many friends of my opponent in the 2013 Cudahy District 3 election, and how my opponent in the 2013 Cudahy District 3 election has written many times how anonymous is okay.  How would he react when the anonymous people are not friendly friends of his as they mostly have been?


So talking with a friend he said, “Hey what can we do they are just falsely trashing the City many times with misinformation?”


At first, Justin Moralez (he is not the friend I talked with) tried to inform them, correct them, but they just at times ate him alive.  One person even threatening him.  I felt I needed to do something, so with the help of a friend, I requested membership to the group.


I got accepted.  Now to infiltrate the group you have to first go along with the leaders and mob while both saying things they wanted to hear, give them a little grief with the truth or the way it really is and attempt to correct many of the misinformation like what a part time mayor would all entail given all the false information they have.


Now some of this may make people mad or disappointed in me, but it strengthened my beliefs and understanding of those people who are the haters, distractors and detractors (many of the leaders of the group)– nothing will make this group of people happy when it comes to me, the 2013 election and most just want to complain.


Case in point, the whole Packard Plaza Mall issue, I, as an elected official, personally emailed my former opponent in the 2013 Cudahy District 3 election and his wife along with many others to try and get them to come to the Common Council meeting to talk directly to the Packard Plaza Mall representative that would be on hand, guess what, they didn’t come.  The reason is life gets in the way, they have other responsibilities and obligations, and I only know that after pushing them as made up person in the group after pushing them why!  Now when I didn’t attend Sweet Apple Wood because of a death in the family that was not a good enough reason.  Some also claimed they didn’t know about the meeting but when that was shown to not be correct it was just pushed by the side.


What opened my eyes by this experience and exercise was this group contains many hypocrites bent on trashing the City, some bullies, some people who truly do want to make things better; freely exchange ideas and many times those people are minimized.


The other thing that was opened once it was stated the character was portraying a 16 year old was the character’s thoughts, feelings, ideas, opinions didn’t matter.  All of a sudden it was you don’t own a house, pay taxes so you don’t have a true say so.  I find that at tad bit disturbing as to what about the renters and the teenagers who shortly will become adults.


This also points out that anyone can be a member, even made up characters, designed to prove a point, gather information, and see what happens when an opinion doesn’t match the mob mentality.  No one ever really know where someone is from and who they are.  If you followed the character you will see how quick they turned on him, dismissed him so if the whole premise of the group is to freely allow people to speak their minds and share information I showed it is failing and these people really need to have some self-reflection and reevaluate this group and if they want to be part of it.


Now I am sorry if some people feel this was not on the up and up, to them I say I am sorry for this experiment.  It proved many points including that those screaming the loudest don’t do as they say or expect others to do.


It exposed many of them as the hypocrites I knew them to be.  Now you see it with a person not named Randy Hollenbeck, so it is the message they want to kill and want only people who agree with them even though they claim otherwise.  This exercise was necessary so people know the truth!



Edit – I will add that I apologize to anyone my character may have offended in exposing the truth of this group and some of the people.  I am truly sorry!

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