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My Packard Plaza Mall Petition Email Response

Common Council, Cudahy, Cudahy District 3, Email, Packard Plaza

Patti Wisniewski,


I support your efforts on this endeavor of Packard Plaza Mall.  I will gladly personally sign the petition.  I have been advised by our City Attorney it would not be appropriate for me to forward your email on since it contains a private petition.  I will place it on my blog.


This has been a concern and public battle of mine since 2008 when Mayor McCue was not concerned of the vacancies and condition of the mall and culminated in November/December of 2012 when I found out that Mayor Day didn’t even know who the current leasing company or representative of Packard Plaza was!  That was until I personally made him aware of it, which is all documented on my blog.


If you remember it was one of my campaign promises to get the leasing representative of Packard Plaza personally here in the flesh and speak in front of the Common Council and the public.  That was a campaign promise I filled, sadly to just about an empty Council Chamber room.


I am on public record that night to my displeasure of the vacancies and condition of the building and mall to the leasing representative of Packard Plaza as were all the Alderpersons and Mayor Hohenfeldt.


I had publicly and personally invited people including yourself via email if you didn’t see it on my blog.  I sent the email to the email distribution group which includes you and Zach on Friday August 30th @ 2:20pm for the Common Council Meeting to take place on Tuesday September 3rd @ 7pm.


The email was titled “Packard Plaza On the agenda” and the body stated:


“I was able to get them to speak in front of the Common Council in person.  Please attend if you can and ask questions, however please be adult and cordial.”


I also included the agenda as a file attachment which showed:


 4.        Discussion with leasing representative of Packard Plaza.


I truly wish you and others would have attended as it would have be much more impactful then. 



Thank you,


 Randy Hollenbeck


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