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The latest pro-life news (02/17/14)

Pro-Life news

From Pro-Life Wisconsin and WI Right To LIfe:

February 17, 2014

Belgium Poised to Complete Legalization of Euthanasia for Children

Euthanasia is a culture of death which knows no boundaries. Once begun, it spreads like cancer to include additional diseases, conditions and even age groups. The latest domino to fall is action in Belgium to legalize euthanasia for children. Yes — for children. In December, the Belgian Senate voted for legalization by a 50-17 vote and the Chamber of Representatives followed suit last week by an overwhelming vote of 88-44 with 12 abstentions to approve. King Philippe, Belgium’s constitutional head of state, is expected to sign the legislation into law.

No age limit would be set, but the children who are euthanized would have “to possess the capacity of discernment.”

What could possibly have motivated this action? Proponents “sold” their most effective arguments. Children must be given this “right” because to deny it is to discriminate. Only a small number of children will be affected. It’s already happening anyway, so let’s legalize it.

Proponents always drag up a list of so-called safeguards, described by the Washington Post as follows:

“The child must have a terminal and incurable illness, with death expected to occur ‘within a brief period.’ The child must also be experiencing ‘constant and unbearable physical suffering.’ Like for adults desiring euthanasia, that diagnosis and prognosis must be agreed upon by the treating physician and an outsider brought in to give a second opinion.

“The child is to be interviewed by a pediatric psychiatrist or psychologist, who must determine that the child possesses ‘the capacity of discernment’ and certify that in writing.”

As has happened in other countries, these “safeguards” are easily circumvented and will eventually be eliminated altogether as unnecessary. The result of this tragic action will be a dramatic increase in the number of euthanasia deaths.

Barbara Lyons


February 13, 2014

New Stem Cells Avoid Use of Embryos

In yet another dramatic development in the advance of ethical stem cell research, scientists at several research institutes have discovered a relatively easy process of manipulating existing cells to produce highly-prized pluripotent stem cells. In the January 2014 issue of Nature magazine, scientists report: “Here we report a unique cellular reprogramming phenomenon, called stimulus-triggered acquisition of pluripotency (STAP), which requires neither nuclear transfer nor the introduction of transcription factors. In STAP, strong external stimuli such as a transient low-pH stressor reprogrammed mammalian somatic cells, resulting in the generation of pluripotent cells.”

Pluripotent cells are ones with the ability to produce any cell in the body. It was once believed that creation of embryonic stem cells through destruction of living human embryos was the only means of obtaining pluripotent stem cells. In 2007, scientists discovered iPS cells which have pluripotent qualities, and now research has yielded an apparently even simpler process to obtain pluripotent stem cells. The STAP research was conducted on blood cells from newborn mice.

Father Tadeusz Pacholczyk, director of education at the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Philadelphia, hailed the research, stating: “If this technology proves feasible with human cells, which seems likely, it will offer yet another alternative for obtaining highly flexible stem cells without relying on the destructive use of human embryos. This is clearly a positive direction for scientific research.”

This is an exciting development as scientists turn to ethical research to create products to benefit the human condition that all can support.

Barbara Lyons

Read lead-in to the nature article here.


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