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Goodnight everyone, and have a weekend that puts you in the mood!

"The horns accent my love for you
Each word they underline.
With music I'll paint a picture
So you can frame it in your mind."
Barry White

It's Friday night. Time to unwind with our regular Friday night feature on This Just In.

The weekend has finally arrived.

The sun has set.

The evening sky has erupted. 

Let's smooth our way into Saturday and Sunday.

Tonight, it's Valentine's Day, a weekend of amour. Our music is dedicated to lovers.

We begin with a nominee at the recent Grammy Awards. Wonderful saxophonists banded togther for a fantastic album and summer tour.

This is their remake of a 70's composition from the highly energetic and talented Earth, Wind and Fire.

Now, I'm craving your body, is this real
Temperatures rising, I don't want to feel
I'm in the wrong place to be real
Woahh and I'm; longing to love you
just for a night,
Kissing and hugging and holding you tight
Please let me love you
with all my might


Here are some stats about VD from CBS News:

Total amount Americans are expected to spend: $36.8 billion, or an average of $213 each, down from last year's average of $239.

Amount spent on gifts: $13.4 billion, or an average of $119 each, up from $110 last year.

Top gifts from men: greeting cards (57 percent), flowers (54 percent) and jewelry (24 percent).

Percentage of people buying red: 51 percent.

Estimated number of flowers grown for the holiday: 233 million.

Top gifts from women: greeting cards (57 percent), gadgets (16 percent) and gift cards (13 percent).

Percentage of the population planning to go out to dinner: 53 percent, down 4 percent from last year.

Average amount expected to be spent on dinner: $83, a $10 dollar drop from last year.

Back to the music.

We began with the Grammy-nominated Summer Horns. It lost to an album featuring our next track, a golden oldie from legendary trumpeter Herb Alpert and his wife, vocalist Lani Hall who celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this past December.

HERB ALPERT: I appreciate her uniqueness. She's brilliant. She's a great artist.

LANI HALL: And Herb is an inspiration to me every moment. He's the kindest man. He's generous, creative, talented, romantic. We respect each other and we listen to each other. And even if we're not happy with each other, we talk about it and we break through that barrier and we're back in our hearts with each other.

The above from an NPR interview last November.

Check out the album cover.

The album cover art is titled, Tango Americano,” and was painted by Alpert who’s also a sculptor.

A sheriff in northeastern Georgia, all in fun, canceled Valentine’s Day today because of the bad weather.
Sheriff Scott Berry in Oconee County took to Facebook to announce his decision after an ice storm slammed Georgia on Wednesday. Men, he wrote, ‘‘are exempt from having to run out and buy lottery scratchers and Hershey bars from the corner stores’’ until Tuesday. A reader in Michigan wrote an angry response telling the sheriff that snow in the North is no big deal.

When I last featured our next performer, she was naturally playing the instrument that has gained her fame in the music business, the saxophone. Here, Jessy J puts it down to vocalize one of Roberta Flack’s hits from the 70’s.

Love isn’t just a matter of the brain. Larry Sherman, a senior scientist in the division of neuroscience at the Oregon National Primate Research Center writes about the effect of love on the brain.

"One of the jobs of the orbitofrontal cortex in each of our brains is to interpret facial expressions. When two people are really attracted to each other, and lock eyes on one [another], the orbitofrontal cortex in each of their brains lights up at [the] same time — sort of like two light bulbs turning on at the same time."

Next up, some sultry sax from Boney James.


Yep. At my high school dances, they'd call that a bumper and grinder.

In the Philippines, they really mean it when they say don't go overboard this Valentine's Day.

“Rescuers are deploying in the Philippines' Manila Bay to help distracted lovers aboard boats who could fall into the water while on Valentine's Day cruise dates, the coastguard said Friday. The authorities expect the bay, with its spectacular views of the sunset, to throb with activity by sundown as couples hop onto yachts and cruise ships for deck-side, candle-lit dinners accompanied by romantic music from live bands.”

Brian Culbertson is a talented keyboardist/trombonist. He's joined by  saxman Dave Koz on, "I Could Get Used To This."


That’s it for this week’s segment. We do it every Friday night to demonstrate there still is plenty of good music around.


Sleep well.

Have a great weekend.

Hope some of our samples put you into a loving, romantic mood.

We close the way we began, with Barry White and his Love Unlimited Orchestra.


Lovely. Here's a better picture.

And the Maestro…

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