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Cudahy School Board Forum

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I attended the School Board Forum tonight and thought the four in attendance (Scott Mulqueen (inc.), Crystal Silkwood, Bob Grams, and Tim Schwartz) did a good job.


Incumbent Jenny Cummings was not in attendance.


I do have to say I was most impressed with Crystal Silkwood.  She has some good ideas, strong opinions and seemed like she really wants to help the students.


Now many people may have heard Mark Belling’s podcast taking about Crystal Silkwood’s same sex partner who happens to also be a school board member and the possible implications this might have or perceived to have.


Podcast Here:


While Mr. Belling brings up good points, we are in unchartered waters and I feel as long as the GAB says it is okay, it is okay.


I care more about what people will do, can do, verses what sex, race, religion, or sexual preference they have.  I want people that are going to do the best things for the students.


I think Bob Grams and Tim Schwartz had some good answers as well and both seemed very open about making improvements.


I don’t want someone to be a talking head for the teachers or the Superintendent, but an independent board balancing and checking both sides.  They are the check and balance!


One of the questions I asked is why don’t the school board members have email addresses? 


Board President Scott Mulqueen told me they are on the website, however an educator checked on his phone and NO they are not, as you can see below.  This is something I have be harping about for years, so I will be going to the next School Board meeting to ask why, correct that WHY NOT!!!




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