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If you want Scott Walker to go down, your news coverage will show it

I don’t live, eat, and breathe politics like a lot of people. But I do my fair share of following current events, especially those that affect me and my family and friends and neighbors.

This past week our great governor, Scott Walker had a very good week.

During his State of the State speech, he appropriately and accurately discussed how he’s turned our state finances around. And he wants to do what I want him to do: Give most of the surplus (the taxpayers’ money) back to where it came from: that would be me and every other tapped to the max taxpayer in Wisconsin.*326/scottmarymu.png

Before he outlined his common sense plan, a poll was taken by Marquette University Law School showing Walker leads his only Democrat opponent by 6 percentage points. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be ahead than behind, even this early in the game.

So, if Governor Walker had a good week, that means his liberal detractors in the local press weren’t happy and needed to spin. It’s so blatant so as not to be funny.

First, let’s look at how a more balanced and fair, and yes, conservative news organization reported on the MU poll.

The WI Reporter had this headline on its website:

Walker’s lead growing in latest 2014 election poll

It reports “The news gets better for the Republican incumbent, with the majority of voters surveyed saying they believe the state is headed in the right direction.”

The  WI Reporter also points out problems Walker’s opponent has:

“(Mary) Burke’s problem, according to the poll, is that the former Trek Bicycle executive and liberal Madison Metropolitan School Board member, remains largely unknown by Wisconsin voters…Here’s a bigger problem for Burke: She is almost equally unknown among partisan groups.”

There’s more: Walker has a 49 to 44 percent job approval rating, which is much higher than Obama’s 44 to 50 mark among Wisconsin voters.

Doesn’t sound all that grim, unless you read the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, where we are told constantly by its editors that it has no liberal bias.

Instead of pointing out that Walker’s lead over Burke has grown, the Journal Sentinel writes the latest poll “continues to show a tight race.” The paper quoted Charles Franklin, the poll director:  
"I think you see the makings of a real horse race here.”

They’d love to see that down at 4th and State where Walker can do no good. Their bias is quite obvious.

I’m not suggesting the race is a cakewalk and over. I am suggesting you take certain headlines and stories about Scott Walker with a grain of salt.

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