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Special friends and special memories

I’m grateful for so many things in my life.  One of the top items on the list is that Kyla goes to a great school and enjoys every minute of it.  Yesterday was her last day of part-time K-4; today she started full-time in a new building with a new teacher.  On a tour earlier this week she got to meet her teacher & classmates – everyone welcomed her with open arms.

Change isn’t easy for most of us; for little sprouts it can be even tougher.  That’s why we did everything we could to celebrate this transition.  Since she was in the Bumble Bee Classroom this past semester, I made bumble bee cupcakes for her to share with all her friends.  Even the Owl Classroom got to enjoy them.  (After all, they’re all great friends.)  I also made a sweet treat for the faculty & staff – they’ve been so wonderful to our daughter that they deserved their own!


While I planned & worked hard to make her last day extraordinary, I had no idea that her teachers were going to do the same!  There was special time for all her friends to wish her well… they gathered in a circle around her to say their good-byes.  She got to hug all of them and tell them why she liked being their friend.  The best part though was a complete surprise.  They made a memory book for her!  All her classmates dictated messages and their photos were next to them.  Each teacher and staff member also wrote a message to her.  There were photos of her throughout the semester from special events like the doctor coming to give their toys check-ups, their Harvest Party, and their Christmas Party.  She couldn’t stop reading it the rest of the day.




She promised everyone that she would come back to visit often.  She truly loves everyone there and I know they feel the same about her.  It has been such a wonderful experience and such a blessing to begin her academic career so positively.  Recently, they were taped singing one of their worship songs.  This is just another example of why she enjoys school so much:

I truly appreciate everything that has been done for her as a student and friend.  We are blessed.

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