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Never Going to Make Them Happy - The Haters, the Distractors, and the Detractors

Detractors, Facebook

WARNING: There is sarcasm and subtly implied criticism ahead.  If you cannot handle that, this probably is not the post for you.


Again, have to love the haters, the distractors, and the detractors!  They know only themselves and others like them and they cannot help themselves.  They are superior and they are just dying to let people know so!  


“The haters always scream the loudest”.  - Tucker Max


So have you noticed that some people still just cannot accept the Cudahy 2013 District 3 election?


These people no matter if I cured MS would be howling that it took me too long and that I didn’t cure Cancer.


These people when I do good things NEVER acknowledge them.


These people when asked what they want me to do either don’t answer or tell me you better vote like you said you would.  They would rather just complain on FB or other media rather than be part of the solution.  I am guessing because I am involved and playing politics is much more important.  Just remember - The able does it, the unable criticize it.


These people were and are opposed to me and if I say the sky is blue they scream out, no it is red, and if I say red, no it is blue.


These people still have sour grapes and to be honest, will never be happy!


So in an effort of moving along, they will for the most part be ignored, which in turn, forces them to Glen Close Fatal Attraction themselves!


Watch the venom come out from these people!


Who are these people and what and who do they represent? 


Well remember I was told, any idiots can Google, they just forgot to also tell us that you can click on the Facebook link and check the friends list.  Much of one person can be learned by the circle of friends they keep!  Look for the patterns and you will notice when they try to pull the wool over others eyes.  You will be able to see how fake they are and spot them.


Also did you notice these same people are the ones who say my blog has no readers and no one cares, yet they read, and from the comments care, so how can that be?  Which is it?


Oh politics how you make people crazy!  No wait, oh ideology how you make people even crazier than politics!


I am convinced there are good and bad people in the world, and then there are the parasites.  Just around to make life harder in an attempt infest its target.  Bring it on, let's see how hard it can get?  I am made of much stronger stuff than you!  I’m Not Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!


I love, hope and pray when you do come and attack.  You might say in at times encourage you to do so and while doing that exposing yourself, causing self-inflected things.  I know you cannot help yourself and the real sad thing is you don’t even notice what you are doing or falling prey to (part of me wanted to say pray instead of prey since I just love the grammar, spelling and word police, it just makes my day when they come out in their packs or was it pact)


I love it when they give it their best shot and we all get to see what they really are all about!


Maybe we will see the bully, the narcissist, the know-it-all, even the psychopath.  Maybe, just maybe, they will grace us with their presence.  (No it isn’t a maybe, they will)


The best defense is a good offense.


Many times you have to draw these people out and expose them, not by a trap, they can smell a trap a mile away.  No you do by pretending inferiority and encourage your enemy's arrogance, they will display it and come, and they cannot help themselves.  They feel they are so much superior that they have to let others know this.  They will not disappoint in letting us know they are the know-it-alls and you are wrong.


Boas and cobras and vipers--oh my!  If it slithers and hisses, they will come crawling out!


New form of attention seeking - I especially love it when we see the herd mentality or groupthink ones come running by seeing a comment posted on Facebook.


Beware those lurking among us.  Be careful what you say or he’ll/she'll attack you with her long verbal fangs.  Don't worry, though, he’ll/she'll only bore you as he/she attempts to impress you with his/her superior intelligence.


Behind every successful person lies a pack of haters.

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