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Culinary yes-yes #61

When Kevin and I want fabulous meals, impeccable service, outstanding entertainment, and the feeling of walking into a family member’s home for dinner there’s simply one choice:


Just for fun, I’ll crack open the menu to browse and I always listen politely to the specials our waitress recites.  But really, I know what I’m eating before I even walk through the front door.  That would be…

“A filet mignon with mushrooms and scallions encased in a pastry shell, served with cognac sauce and fresh vegetables. Done medium only.”

Yes, that’s the description of their Beef Wellington.

A tossed salad with House Pepper Parmesan, steaming bread slathered with butter, baked potato with sour cream, and a glass (or two) of Cabernet will round out my dream meal and make me one VERY happy camper.  To quote Kevin, taking me there is like getting his oil changed… he’s in good shape for another three months.

The precise history behind Beef Wellington is unclear.  This seems to be a general consensus though.  While I enjoy learning about a dish I particularly love, it’s really not the driving force behind me ordering it over and over.  Even if I never heard about the good Duke, I’d still drool every time I thought of…



It’s not a commonly-found item.  To my knowledge, Joey Gerard’s and the Packing House are the only two Milwaukee-area restaurants that feature it on their regular menu.  (Of course I’d be delighted to find out that I’m wrong.  If I am, PLEASE leave a comment below!)

Now, I truly feel sorry for you if you’re not in the area and are unable to make the drive to either of the fine establishments I just mentioned.  You do have other options, though I’m afraid they probably won’t measure up.

Sadly, an item from the famous TV shopping network is no longer available.  Come ON, QVC!!!  THIS needs to be brought back.  I suppose you could “settle” for another ship-to-your-door option.

Looking for something with a more homemade touch but not sure you can tackle the real deal?  You could experiment with Martha’s version of BW tarts.  If you’d like an upscale appetizer to really impress at your next cocktail party, may I suggest a platter or two of these little beauties.

So once you’ve tackled-then-mastered the tarts and minis, I say go whole hog, er… cow.  You might need to remortgage your home to purchase all the ingredients but I’m guessing it would be more than worth it.  If you do make this recipe, please, PLEASE, PLEASE invite me over for dinner.  I will be your new best friend.  Forever.

Incredibly tender beef, topped with mushrooms, wrapped in pastry.  Seriously?  How on earth would it be anything BUT a Culinary Yes Yes?




If you need a dessert for the Beef Wellington party, you could do worse than this pound cake.  




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