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Culinary yes-yes #59

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love pizza.  I’ve blogged about it several times.  I even mention in my Ms. Elaine Kneeous bio that it’s one of my favorite things.  I could eat it eight days a week.  Get the picture?

As much as I love pizza, I’m not a fan of “fast” pizza.  I’ll admit to hitting Rocky’s in the mall on occasion, but I consider them a slightly higher caliber than that Hut place or *shudder* Toppers.  I like real pizza… you know the kind that you can watch being made and that hasn’t been sitting under a heat lamp for hours.

We had the pleasure of dining at Via Napoli in EPCOT on our recent trip to Walt Disney World.  THIS is the kind of pizza I’m talking about:




It was everything pizza should be… fresh, hot, high quality ingredients.  We were just feet away from the wood-fired ovens and actually watched the artisans at work.  We were in heaven.  Given endless resources I would fly down to Orlando for a day just to eat this pizza.  Yeah, it really is that fabulous.

Getting back to not being fond of “fast.”  I might easily change my mind if the pizza could be fresh, hot, high quality, custom pie.  While it may sound impossible to have speedy AND tasty, co-owners Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey might be on to something.  (Just in case you’re wondering if they have a lot of experience in the food industry, they met while working at French Laundry.  ‘Nuff said.)  Mr. Mackinnon-Patterson and Mr. Stuckey recently opened Pizzeria Locale in Denver, Colorado.

After watching this, you’ll seriously wish you lived closer to The Centennial State.




Looking for more information?  Check out Pizzeria Locale’s own website.  After you peruse the menu and wipe the drool from your chin, make sure you click on the link to view their prices.  You won’t believe the incredible value!  For REAL pizza!





Now, since this venture is partially financed by Chipotle and since we actually have Chipotle locations in the greater Milwaukee area I am holding out a slim hope that someday we could get a Pizzeria Locale in our great state.  We’re more business-friendly these days thanks to Gov. Walker but it’s no small task getting a green light for a new endeavor like a restaurant.

So I’ll take this opportunity to ask the owners and financiers of Pizzeria Locale:  PLEASE consider a location in Wisconsin.  A quick, reasonably priced and tasty Italian alternative to McGreasy?  A sauce-covered Culinary Yes Yes for sure!



Are you watching a baseball game with all those secret hand signals?  Nope.  You’re at a restaurant.


And speaking of Disney…  I think I need these.  



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