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Intimidation Means Bullying

Patricia Jursik, Zachary Wisniewski, Email

Before reading this:

Cue music from 'Jaws' and images of David Banner.


A few local elected officials and a few non-elected City folks have told me, “Don’t anger Supervisor Jursik or the Milwaukee County Board, they will blackball us and not help us” – That is the wrong answer!


Now , cue music from '2001 Space Odyssey'


Open the door HAL. 


I'm sorry Dave I can't do that. 


HAL open the door. 


Sorry Dave....your bade indicates that you are in a very bad mood today.  You'll just have to stay outside until your attitude changes!


I am NOT of the mindset that the Milwaukee County Board holds the keys to the kingdom that is truly the taxpayers who do!


We don’t have to be or govern in fear in Cudahy of what the Milwaukee County Board or its members think and may do to us.  When one of them puts up a roadblock or blackballs us, we need to get that out to the public and the media.  We will not be bullied into silence!


Having a Hall & Oates moment - I can't go for that…  No can do!


Let’s all bust out and start singing!


But I can't go for that, nooo


 No can do

 I can't go for that, nooo


 No can do

 I can't go for that, nooo


 No can do

 I can't go for that

 Can't go for that

 Can't go for that

 Can't go for that


Now, I do think we need to give them the benefit of the doubt and of course we must be cordial and respectful, but we do not need to take the road blocks and bulling.


I also get a kick that Supervisor Jursik sent my former aldermanic opponent, Zachary Wisniewski, emails that were exchange between her, I and other officials.  However, she didn’t give them all, and by doing that taking it out of context.  Zachary Wisniewski posted them here, just remember he was either not given them all or cherry picked them.


Well I did post them including the missing ones here and here.  They are public record and I have no issue with that, just send and post them all.


I guess they both thought they would use it as dirt on me.


Then again, out of context type games, is a Zachary “The Distractor” Wisniewski tactic.


Zachary Wisniewski is A-Okay Misquoting, Taking Out of Context, Making Things Up!

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