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Congratulations to a truly responsible school district

The NOW reports this great news from a highly responsible school district:

“After no levy increase in last year's budget, the District has proposed a levy increase of 1.88 percent for the current school year.”

“Proposed spending is actually a bit less than the $31.3 million budgeted last year…”

(Spending is the key. It’s the tax levy, stupid, not the tax rate, a fact  totally foreign to reporters employed by the NOW websites).

“No programs are being added or reduced, even though state aid will again be down.”

“The administration proposed a 4 percent property tax levy hike budget, but the School Board sent it back with instructions to get the levy down to no more than 2 percent.”

“Board President said the proposed budget shows the board is attuned to all those affected — from students and parents to taxpayers with no children in the schools.”

“And the board has decided not to tax to the maximum state law allows, which some other districts do…”

What school district are we talking about?


Are you crazy?

No, no, no. Not tax and spend-happy Franklin. The above quotes are from a NOW article about the Whitnall School District that saw reduced state aid and still found a way to seek a very small increase in the tax levy.

Franklin got an increase in state aid and still is holding up taxpayers a la Jesse James.

Compare the comments of Whitnall board members to those of Franklin board members. Whitnall’s representatives actually speak on the record. In Franklin, the response to news of an impending tax levy increase is one or both of two:

1) Hide under the mattress.

2) Yes sir, Superintendent Steve Patz. Even though you work for us, we’ll do whatever you say. Yes, sir. Just tell us how high the tax increase should be and we'll vote for it, yes, sir, Mr. Patz.

Where is our leadership in Franklin on the school board? Most board members, if not all choose to remain silent, opting to rubber stamp the huge tax increase when it comes time to vote. While I admire Janet Evans and her battle in a no-win situation as school board president, please, Janet, say, do something.  Simply voting NO on the budget in months to come is meaningless. What about NOW? The same goes for the other lemmings on the board. If all you're doing is rubber stamping, we can get some interns or other robots to do the same job.

To quote from another NOW article, this time about the Franklin levy, the reporter fell for the spin that taxpayers are supposed to be happy and embrace the outrageous increase…because it could have been higher! So just shut up and take it. Unfortunately, most in Franklin will do just that. Making matters worse, our school board will do nothing, I mean nothing to demand a lower levy as the responsible folks in the Whitnall district did.

Congratulations, Whitnall! If only we here in Franklin were more like you.

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