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UPDATE: Franklin taxpayers, the Franklin School District isn't done screwing you yet

On Thursday morning, the Franklin Fire Department was called about 8 a.m. to Franklin High School to investigate a report of a smell of natural gas. The odor may have been the remnants of the Franklin School Board’s votes on employee compensation the night before.

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The update:

If you read my previous blog, I warned you. I told you so. The current school administration has determined that the Franklin school district is a money pit with you, the local taxpayers, their never-ending pot of gold. They will continue to suck you dry like Dracula’s victims.

Again, from my December 2012 blog:

Do I begrudge any of these individuals their salaries and benefits? Of course not.

Do I think they’re grossly overpaid? HELL YES!

Do I think they deserve a salary/benefit package increase? NO WAY!

Yet, I predict they will have the gumption to march to the Franklin School Board and demand a salary/ benefits increase. It could range from 1-5%

They know only two votes are sure NO votes. Three are bend over backwards yes votes. And two are left from the unpredictable wussy Tim Nielson and Linda Witkowski. They pretend to be taxpayer-friendly but can’t be depended upon when it counts.

You thought the screwing was over? Franklin taxpayers, prepare to bend over and take it again.

Sure enough. The greedy bunch that runs our school system struck Wednesday night knowing they had a school board eating out of its hand.

The administration went to the school board with both hands extended…more, more, more. The request was for
a retroactive pay raise for all non-represented, non-certified employees of 2.7 %. The current Consumer Price Index (rate of inflation) is 1.9%.

The proposal before the school board was not only to increase the salaries for non-certified workers but for administrators and Superintendent Steve Patz.

The appropriate procedure would be for the school board to consider raises for non-certified employees and the highly-compensated superintendent and administrators separately. An amendment to do just that failed as the board shot it down.

Then an amendment to make a pool to disperse raises to non-certified individuals at the discretion of the superintendent was approved. So the superintendent will now determine who gets a raise and how much. This should be the job of the school board, not the superintendent who answers to the board, unless, of course,  the quivering school board members cave.

Nothing against non-certified employees like janitors or social workers, but their compensation should not be included in the same pool or the same discussion as the superintendent and administrators.

And must I mention again there’s the after-math of a recession going on in Franklin and all of America. How many of you reading will get a 2.7% salary hike this year? Franklin taxpayers, you just keep getting screwed.

The votes came just one day after reported:

"The state Department of Public Instruction recently released test scores from the annual Wisconsin Knowledge and Concept Exam, and local results outpaced state averages in all academic subjects.

"The annual state-mandated exam was administered in November to students in grades three through eight, and 10. The test evaluates reading, language, mathematics, science and social studies, with scores being placed in either minimal, basic, proficient or advanced categories.

"School officials and parents in Franklin and Greendale saw a drastic decrease in the percentage of proficient scores in reading and math, a trend that was seen throughout the state."


Despite what appeared to be recent school board elections that looked good for taxpayers, the results are that conservatives that dominate Franklin’s citizenry are represented by a liberal school administration and a liberal school board that could care less about hard working, taxpaying families.

Even worse, far too many in Franklin who are paying the bills simply don’t care they’re being screwed.

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