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Thank you, Steve Olson

Since I moved into Franklin in 1992, in my view the top three shining moments for the community as a whole have been the following:

1) Working successfully to prevent a facility from being built in Franklin that would have housed numerous released sexual predators.

2) Working successfully to have a local court uphold the constitutionality of Franklin’s two ordinances that restrict where released sex offenders can live or congregate.

3) Working successfully to defeat efforts by some Wisconsin lawmakers to kill not only Franklin’s sex offender ordinances but similar ordinances in over 100 other Wisconsin communities.

The Franklin ordinances have been very effective according to documentation compiled by the Franklin Police Department. Numerous people fought hard and deserve credit for the three examples listed above, including the hundreds and hundreds of folks who turned out a state legislative public hearing on #1.

A huge thank you must go to outgoing Franklin alderman Steve Olson who was one of the key architects of Franklin’s ordinances. Olson became the go-to guy for other municipalities that were interested in enacting laws of their own.  Franklin’s ordinances were models for other locations around the state.

Tonight’s Franklin Common Council meeting will be Steve Olson’s last as alderman.

He is the only true fiscal conservative on the Council, and thus, the only alderman who matches the most important political views of a large majority of Franklin residents. He will be missed. It’s critical in next week’s election the voters in Olson’s district select a successor that best mirrors his philosophies. That choice is painfully clear and obvious.

Thank you, Steve, and best of luck to you in the future. The same goes out to Alderman Tim Solomon who also decided not to run for re-election.

UPDATE 3/26/13:

Dear Friends:

Tuesday, April 2 is Election Day here in Franklin.  You will go to the polls to elect a new alderman in the first district.

I take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to serve you over the past nine years.   I have been honored to represent you for these years.

As a district we’ve successfully navigated many, many issues.  We’ve worked together on developments; some that have come to pass and some that didn’t.  We’ve fixed a lot of individual issues together.  Things as simple as trash pickup to very personal and complex issues that will remain confidential.  We’ve weathered snow storms, floods and bad summer storms.  We’ve paved roads, opened ditches, improved fire, paramedic and police services.  We’ve worked hard on controlling spending while maintaining a great city workforce that’s compensated fairly.  We’ve had a lot of fun at civic celebrations passing out hundreds of pounds of tootsie rolls at the 4th of July parade.  Probably the most important achievement that we did together was protect our children from sex offenders with our ground breaking ordinances.

All in all, I look back on my more than 22 years of service to the community and take pride in the many accomplishments that we’ve achieved.

I’m proud to say that at every turn, the citizens of this great community have been supportive, respectful and friendly whether we’ve agreed or disagreed on a decision.

Now that the evening meetings will be over I’ll have some more time to spend with my wife Beverly and our super daschund Bella.  I’ll be able to concentrate more on my job too!

Franklin has a bright future.  Sure, there are lots of issues to solve but there always are.  I know that whomever takes the seat for the first district will do their best to serve all of the district and the city.

It’s my hope that you feel that I’ve fairly and competently represented you, that I did my best for you.

I thank you for your support and friendship.


Steve Olson

Alderman, 1st District

8091 S. Meadowcreek Ct.

Franklin, Wisconsin  53132



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