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Culinary yes-yes #17

It might be hard to believe but Spring is just around the corner.  And with it, the season of moms’ and dads’ special days, graduations, and weddings.  Ah, weddings and June brides.  I was one.  I wish I could be again.

I loved our wedding; I’d keep 90% of it the same.  (Including the groom.)  Since we were honeymooning in Hawaii I wanted a Hawaiian flavor to the day.  (This was before I was obsessed with over-the-top event styling so it was pretty subtle.)  We had several varieties of orchids for our floral arrangements, our semi-custom menu featured an entrée duo of macadamia nut-crusted chicken breast and coconut shrimp and our centerpieces were pineapples.  But “tropical” ended before “wedding cake” began…

Less than a year before the big day, we were at the Tipperary Tea Room at the world’s biggest and best Irish Fest.  Swooning over every delicious morsel of Irish Mist torte, I dreamily remarked to my fiancé, “I would love to have this cake at our wedding...  Can you IMAGINE?”  (The Irish Mist torte is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before:  layers of liqueur-soaked cake topped with liqueur-infused icing tinted a subtle and lovely shade of mint green.)  My beloved’s response was, “Well, ASK.  You can only get one of two answers.”

After a simple inquiry to a Tea Room volunteer I learned that Suzy’s Cream Cheesecakes provided that incredible Irish delicacy.  My next step was to contact the bakery.  With bated breath I waited to find out if, indeed, they would recreate that confection for our wedding.  Whew.  One less thing for a bride-to-be to worry about… they’d be happy to.

We didn’t have the luxury (if you will) of the usual wedding cake tasting process.  We knew what we wanted, we knew who would produce it, and we knew they would do an excellent job.  We didn’t waste any time.  When we met with the sales rep, she simply provided a cake board with icing color samples and swirly frosting embellishments.  We promptly took the board to Kevin’s mom’s house, proudly showing her that our wedding cake would in fact be GREEN. 

No lie:  The night of our wedding multiple servers came up to us at least a dozen times repeating the same question:  “People want to know who did your cake.”  Not quite a decade later, guests at our wedding still talk about our cake.  Yeah, it was that good.

Our wedding pictures aren’t electronically accessible but a reasonable likeness of our cake would be this beauty:



Who knew that the year I started my own Culinary blog it would turn out that cool mint is a HOT color for weddings of 2013.  

Additionally who knew nearly eight years ago that what was SO UNUSUAL for us then is TRENDY today?  We didn’t care about setting trends or (on the flip side) looking strange.  All we knew was that the cake was delicious and we wanted it.  So we asked for it, and got it.

Do I think it’s a good idea for following your heart and taste buds for your wedding desserts?  You bet I DO.  It is definitely a Culinary Yes-Yes!

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