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Typical Franklin: A day late and a dollar short

In a rare article of interest and value to Franklin property taxpayers, FranklinNOW reports some city officials are asking questions and expressing concerns about the lovely refurbishments at Franklin High School that will cost tens of millions of dollars (Unlike the Journalism 101-challenged writers at FranklinNOW who refuse to acknowledge the good work of bloggers, I give them credit when they, like a blind squirrel find a nut).

FranklinNOW reports:

Safety concerns centered on the plan to build an auditorium as part of a performing arts center at the southwest corner of the building near an expanded front entrance.

“Alderman Steve Olson questioned why there were not more doorways leading into and out of the 850-seat auditorium. That same issue was raised by Mayor Tom Taylor, noting that there is a heightened sensitivity regarding access for the public and emergency personnel in the wake of several school campus shootings in recent years.

“Olson also questioned the size of the auditorium as a theater, wondering if large equipment and materials could be effectively stored and maneuvered in the space.

“While several council members asked about the propriety of a plan for stormwater retention under terraced parking, Alderwoman Kristen Wilhelm questioned why more pedestrian walkways were not drawn into the west side of the plan.

“Alderman Ken Skowronski asked why there were no plans to expand vocational education space since trade education, he said, is a community need.”

These are all great questions. Trouble is…


It’s almost four months after a large portion of the school referenda was passed.

Why weren’t these questions posed sooner, by school board members, or FranklinNOW reporters?

Franklin tax and spend like crazy superintendent Steve Patz tries to put on an Oscar award winning face with this whopper of a quote to reporter Rick (I’ll print anything you say and never dare ask a tough follow-up question) Romano:

"There were good questions. We want to abide by the aldermen's sensibilities. We will work on some of these issues so that we can go to the Plan Commission with those details worked out. This has been a process from the beginning when we held public meetings before the referendum. We are looking forward to answering any questions."

Of course Patz puts on his ever-so diplomatic hat. He‘s got his $30-million plus. The horse is out of the barn, so Patz spills his “I’ll be happy to cooperate” spin.

There’s something wrong with this picture. The heavily pro-referendum school administration (and that includes some members of the school board who masquerade as fiscal conservatives) holds public meetings, attended almost exclusively by Mommy and Daddy who want the entire city to pay for kiddies’ tennis courts, dance classrooms and parking spaces. They are fed a bill of goods and swallow the Kool-Aid without even the tiniest of dissent. The referenda pass, and then months later, questions surface.



Typical, backwards, fiscally irresponsible Franklin thinking.

It’s why we’re a Tax Hell and always will be until City Hall and the school administration are thoroughly tossed out and cleaned up by voters who place the economic stability of the city ahead of their personal wants.

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