State Senator Mary Lazich's Comments on Governor Walker's 2013-2015 Budget Addres

Published on: 2/20/2013

State Senator Mary Lazich released the following statements in reaction to Governor Walker’s 2013-2015 Budget Address Wednesday, February 20, 2013. 

“Tonight is a complete contrast from two years ago” said Lazich. “Two years ago Governor Walker laid out proposals to get us out of a $3.6 billion structural deficit. Fast forward to tonight, Governor Walker is explaining a $419.7 million surplus. We did not get here by accident. Wisconsin is fiscally sound because of prudent, tough decisions and bold reforms during last session.” 

“Governor Walker proposed a budget tonight that invests in Wisconsin’s priorities. These decisions do not come lightly. Walker’s proposed income tax cut keeps money in taxpayers’ pocket that can be invested into our economy. Walker’s proposed budget keeps Wisconsin moving forward, towards a prosperous economy with a strong and healthy workforce. “ 

The budget goes to the Joint Finance Committee (JFC). The JFC will schedule agency briefings and public hearings to get feedback about Governor Walker’s budget proposal.  

“As a Joint Finance Committee member, my main priority is Wisconsin taxpayers. I am confident the State legislature will deliver a balanced budget, and find ways to keep more money in the hands of taxpayers. As a legislature we must remain alert that programs and decisions proposed today affect generations of tomorrow. It’s not fair to burden debt upon our children and grandchildren rather than opportunities. ”