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Culinary yes-yes #16

If you’ve read and paid attention to my Ms. Elaine Kneeous bio you know that on my list of “loves” pizza ranks right up there.  I’m with Kevin on this one:  it can be cracker-thin or Chicago deep dish with a range of toppings as broad as Italy itself.  I’m in love with The Pie…  everything about it from the crust (especially fond of a good cornmeal dusting) to the sauce (a balance of spice and sweetness but please don’t skimp) to the toppings (I’ll eat just about anything except anchovies.  Not a fan of fuzzy fish that you eat whole.)  I swear I could eat pizza eight days a week.

I also (or especially!) love breakfast pizza.  I didn’t say “pizza for breakfast” but “breakfast pizza.”  If I had it before Disney World it couldn’t have been memorable because I don’t recall.  But once I sampled “Minnie’s Breakfast Pizza” at Chef Mickey’s (at the Contemporary Resort in Walt Disney World) I was a changed woman.  Food snobs (and those that WISH they were) can say what they want about this buffet offering.  If you could have it, or if you’ve been lucky enough to eat it, you’d agree with me.  It is just the perfect composition…  a buttery & flaky crust; some sort of heavenly sauce that I’ve yet to taste elsewhere; bacon & egg; cheese.  In an attempt to appear healthy I’ll grab a small plate of fruit and then continue to fill up on this pizza and some equally amazing hash brown potatoes.

I dream about that pizza.


Photo courtesy of Women Living Well Ministries


I’ve done my best to recreate that delicacy at home.  There are variations of the faMOUSE recipe available on the multiple Disney food sites.  The problem is they use pre-made pizza crusts (some recipes site Boboli-type crusts) and half the delish factor is the crust.  Also everything I read about the “sauce” for this breakfast bliss doesn’t seem to be quite right.  So I’ve never tried them.  I just bide my time until our next trip and then do my best to eat enough to last me for a year.

Once again, Disney is at the forefront of food trends.  They’ve been serving this enticing eye-opener for years.  Finally the rest of the world is catching up. 

By the way…  If you want to try a yummy breakfast pizza recipe that uses a “cheater crust” that isn’t three inches thick a la Boboli, I highly recommend this one.  I can’t tell you how many people have asked for my recipe once they’ve had it.

A traditional dinner food turned breakfast fare?  Always and forever a Culinary Yes-Yes!




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