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We Need Fresh Ideas!

2013 Election, Justin Moralez, Cudahy, Brian Biernat, John Hohenfeldt

Let me start by saying, I think Justin Moralez’s idea are great!  We need to start to try things outside the norm and outside the box.  The same old same doesn’t work.


His idea of allowing artists to display their artwork at buildings the CDA owns and is trying to sell is a great idea.  When one of the artworks sells, the City gets a commission check.  Yes I do know in the past this same idea was floated and the naysayers said, “What if someone hurts themselves while looking or damages the property?  What about the electric and gas?”  I am so sick of the NO, NO, NO, naysayers.  We need to do and try something else.


Just like when I said we should have a skate park.  My GOD did people shoot that down. “People will get hurt and sue the city.”  How does Delafield do it I said, remember?


I think having a place like the Rave in Cudahy on the Iceport would do very well.  Yes we cannot control the types of people coming to Cudahy and yes I don’t want thugs coming here, but we need something like this.


Just as I don’t think Big Box by itself is the answer, neither is just small little shops.  It needs to be the right mix.


I was for the Rosebud Theater, but they had money issues!


What did that Retail Marketing Survey say?  Anyone remember that?  McCue, Lara, Day, and Brian are hoping you forgot!


I am not calling for Cudahy Economic Development Director Brian Biernat to leave.  I think most of his problem is Mayor Day and the lack of leadership and focus.  I think he would do so much better under John Hohenfeldt and having goals and being pointed in a direction and focusing on development.


I will say and give kudos to Mayor Day and Brian Biernat on one thing about the Packard Plaza, they did both say (I was told it was Brian Biernat’s idea) that an Urgent Care would be a great fit for that mall.  And they are right!


Question – Have they contacted anyone about it yet? 


Cudahy Economic Director Focus on This!


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