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Culinary yes-yes #15

The celebration of Saint Valentine’s Day has varied for me and Kevin.   February is a busy month for him, and there have been times when he has to work that evening.  Since my birthday is just days after Cupid’s holiday, we sometimes roll both occasions in to one long weekend.  Of course now that Kyla enjoys special events with us, we have to take her in to consideration as well.  But even before baby (actually even before we got married) we’ve been content to enjoy extravagant meals at home rather than go out.  While that has always been the case for us on New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day ranks right up there with “let’s stay in and be romantic” times.

You see, Kevin’s not the least bit afraid to break out the grill despite Wisconsin winter weather.  He makes sure he adjusts cooking time and temperature of the grill for frigid conditions and has made us better-than-some-restaurants filets and/or lobster tails in the comfort of our own driveway.  No waiting for a table; no crowds; no holiday-priced, limited selection menus.  (Sure there’s clean up involved and no one waits on us.  But I’m willing to make those “sacrifices” for an evening all to ourselves at our own pace.)

Now I don’t care what kind of relationship you have…  you can be the spoiler or the spoiled.  You can have kitchen skills on par with Thomas Keller, or you might consider a PB&J your finest culinary moment.  There are all kinds of options for you so that you can enjoy a quiet, at-home romantic moment with your sweetie (or sweetieS if you have kiddos.)  While I totally love the concept of this article I have to take issue with the Chocolate Mousse recipe.  Sorry, Chef This.  If a recipe contains warnings that “this will probably go wrong when you try it” why on EARTH would I attempt it for a romantic meal with my loved one?  Now I certainly don’t want to tread in to no-no territory when I write the yes-yes side of things.  So I’ll stop there.

Cynthia O'Connor O'Hara fares much better in my opinion.  She shares recipes that are sure to make any heart go pitter-pat.  Seriously how can you go wrong with filet mignon and red velvet cheesecake?  (BTW, I don’t think you have to be from central New York to enjoy that sublime menu!)

OK, I get it.  You love to eat, you hate to cook.  You want to stay in.  You have no options right?  WRONG!  I’m willing to bet that the good folks at Sendik’s would be more than happy to help you in the cuisine d’amour department.

Oh and even if your dinner doesn’t warrant four stars, you can always drown your sorrows with a multitude of options.

A simple, yet romantic dinner at home for the most passionate of holidays?  Certainly a culinary yes yes!

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