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This is the kind of ridiculous junk we worry about in Franklin

I do believe my jaw dropped to the floor when I read the FranklinNOW story posted on January 28. It began like this:

“The Architectural Review Board is poised to consider how LED signs should be regulated within the city.

“The board discussed concerns related to the signs Jan. 24, particularly those capable of displaying high-quality moving images.

“Member Ted Juerisson brought the issue to the board, noting that the brightness of the signs, such as the one located at the car wash on Rawson Avenue, can be overwhelming, especially at night.”
The LED signs, we were informed in the article, can be a “distraction,” in other words, dangerous.

What’s next?



Franklin’s Architectural Review Board will discuss setting regulations for LED signs at its next meeting on February 14.

Seriously?  Really?

This goofy group isn't doing this because of some epidemic or crisis. No way. They're doing it for two reasons:

1) They want to LOOK important.

2) They want to FEEL important.

Now mind you, this article appeared on the FranklinNOW website the very same day the bat phone was ringing in Mayor Tom Taylor’s office at City Hall. On the other end was a Meijer’s representative telling the mayor that Franklin could get bent, they ain’t buildin’ here.


Nope. They ain’t buildin’ here.

No job creation.

No economic spinoff.

No establishment of another consumer option in the business desert known as Franklin.

The reaction from City Hall?


No big deal.

And this classic: Hey, we might still have a chance at getting them to come. Oh, wait. That was NML. Sorry. They ain't expanding here either.

Waking city leaders out of their perpetual snooze was the worry that some poor sap in his/her car would see a brightly lit LED sign and recreate the Hindenburg disaster. I kid you not, their undies were in that bundle.

Reminds me of the time in the early 80’s when the dinosaur known as Milwaukee County Stadium decided to put electronic messages on a board facing the expressway. The sheriff at the time predicted mass destruction on the freeway. Of course, it never happened.

I’ve built two homes in the city of Franklin. Each time, before I could proceed, I had to take blueprints in hand and attend a meeting for their approval. It could have been the not-at-all impressive Architectural Review Board, I can’t recall because quite frankly, I wasn’t impressed.  I had to wait patiently for what seemed forever for this pompous group of buffoons to call on me to kiss their rings and hope they would ok the exterior of my future house. All the while I thought the approval for my home’s design depended on a bunch of dolts who were dressed at the meeting like homeless bums.

Earth to the knuckle-draggers on this useless board: We are in the 21st Century. Every single stinkin’ motorist can look over to the side of the road and see a digital sign that reads Dunkin Donuts has a special on donot holes and a large latte and not end up causing a 12-car pile-up.

This is the kind of garbage we sweat in Franklin. Over-regulation. It’s the kind of garbage that prevents us from really, really, moving into the modern age and truly advancing.


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