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Culinary yes-yes #13

I’m a sucker for a theme party:  a reason to host one OR attend one.  In fact I love them so much that I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t have a theme at a gathering.  With the plethora of party-planning sites and Pinterest ideas, it’s pretty easy to pull something together that’s just a notch above ordinary.

If you’re not a confident entertainer or are new to the theme concept you can certainly go easy on yourself…  pick up some no-brainers like matching paper plates and cocktail napkins from the party store, and try “naming” your food offerings on little table cards.  (In light of next week’s big game my examples will be football-focused.)  For example instead of just throwing out shells and toppings on your buffet, call it the Touchdown Taco Bar.  Your food is the same but tell me it doesn’t sound more appealing?

Brownies are a classic dessert but online inspiration can lead you to a new presentation of an old favorite.  You have to cut them to put them on a platter, right?  OK, skip the rectangle and use a football-shaped cookie cutter instead.  You don’t need Ace of Cakes skills to pipe a little white icing gel like laces and voila!  You’ve totally impressed.  (Oh did I mention that the “scraps” created by your football shapes make excellent topping for ice cream?)

Want to expand your repertoire?  Great!  Don’t be intimidated!  There are so many food bloggers out there who are ready and willing to help you with recipes and presentation ideas.  While there are times I personally think food can be too cute, Super bowl parties are fun events that are never too formal to incorporate a little silliness.

Brownies too blasé for your bash?  How ‘bout these little beauties  I attempted these exact berries from Recipe Girl a couple years ago for Father’s Day.  Let me warn you from personal experience:  Allow yourself enough time so that you don’t have an ulcer getting to your party on time.  ;-)

Once you’ve mastered just a couple desserts you’ll be hooked on partying like the pros.  You won’t want to stop at brownies, trust me.  Your family & friends will certainly welcome some different dishes and snappy styling.  I can’t even tally the number of entertaining sites I visit.  Some can be a little overwhelming at first.  The lovely Courtney from Pizzazzerie has teamed up with such simple, unassuming folks as Frito Lay and  She’s extremely talented and full of amazing ideas, of course.  But she helps you keep it real with ideas like a tailgate club sandwich bar.   While there aren’t Super Bowl-exclusive Frito Lay ideas, you can easily adapt others to fit any party. 

I’ve mentioned before that I barely know a football if it hits me in the head.  But I sure as heck know a fun and delicious party!  So rah, rah, rah and all of that; I’m just here for the food.  Going out of your comfort zone to celebrate something going on in the end zone?  You bet your pom poms that’s a Culinary Yes Yes!



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