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Obama's Favorite Congressman Gets Lifetime achievement Award from The Communist Party USA.

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Oh the Media Forgot to Mention this....

Obama's Favorite Congressman gets Award from Commies


Watch for yourself.

Birds of a feather flock together. This is what Wikipedia says about Barack’s favorite Congressman:

Danny K. Davis is the U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 7th congressional district, serving since 1997. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Although Davis was fully promoted as a Democratic candidate, he also ran as a New Party candidate. Supporting this was New Party’s celebration of him as the “first New Party member elected to the U.S. Congress.” Although the State of Illinois did not permit fusion voting, New Party advocated fusion voting as a means to promote their party and party agenda and to particularly project New Party ideology into the mainstream Democratic Party. Candidates were referred to as “N[ew]P[arty] Democrats” and were required to sign a contract mandating a “visible and active relationship” with New Party. During this timeframe, New Party was experiencing substantial growth and included in its ranks a young Barack Obama.

Davis also received the endorsement of the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) of which he is a member and had a relationship pre-dating his congressional run. ACORN, AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, and International Brotherhood of Teamsters are included in other groups also endorsing Davis in his bid.
In February, 2012, Davis was interviewed about his involvement and award from the Communist Party USA. [...]
In 2004, Davis was met with national controversy when he crowned the Rev. Sun Myung Moon in a religious ceremony at the Dirksen Senate Office Building honoring the controversial spiritual leader. Moon declared himself the Messiah at the crowning ceremony, in which Davis appeared on the invitation as a sponsoring co-chair. Davis wore white gloves and carried the crown on a pillow to crown Moon and his wife “the King and Queen of Peace.”

~Eowyn Posted by |

As you can see Obama wants our guns with 23 executive orders. Including more spying. Doctors will ask if you have guns and if you are scared of them. School teachers will be asking kids if there are guns in the house. But Barry says dont worry. You wont lose your Liberties, well what do you call all the spying? Do you want this government & criminals to be the only ones to have guns? You may say this is not an all out ban but this is a life long tyranny and a life long process based on U.N. Agenda 21 (Sustainable Development) .<---Please Read. Mandatory reading for anyone who wants to know why our economy will continue to fail and our freedoms continued to be violated by a world bank ( New World Order ) driven corporate despotism .

First comes the lists, then more regulation against guns. Once they have the guns taxes will be at nose bleed levels, they will come for our pensions, property, gold, and anything that is considered personal property. They will regulate all private organizations to be obsorbed by bank funded/favored organizations  and force people into dependency as signed into agreement by George Bush Sr in 1992 called U. N. Agneda 21. This is  a life long bill to strip us of all private property and liberties. The policies seem to expand from the previous adminstration every 4 years getting worse and worse with every administration. This is another reason why I feel there are no real differences between Red & Blue. Stop seeing colors. Its Tyranny Vs. Freedon. Everything else is smoke & Mirrors.

U. N. Agenda 21 is as un-American as it gets. It destroys individual rights for whats in best interest of the community. ( Getting fined if you dont mow your lawn). This is an example of communitarianism.  (Read my intro article to U.N. Agenda 21 here) . Although we can all agree we wish your neighbor would mow their lawn, we have no right to inflect our opinion into action on their personal property. Sure we have the right to complain but we do not have the right to force him to mow his lawn. Offer to build a fence if it bothers you that bad :). A little charity goes a long way. You may make a friend.

For Liberty, For Freedom.

Kristan T Harris

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