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Culinary yes-yes #10

Being the Capitalist that I am, I love when new businesses start up in our neck of the woods.  Being the fan-of-all-foods that I am, I love when new restaurants (from quick-service to upscale) join our neighborhood.  And being the traditional, conservative, Christian, family value-oriented SAHM that I am, I love when a company can combine all those qualities and decide to grace our sidewalks.

Yep, I just might have to get one of these soon:

By July or August of this year, we will finally (or I should say once again) have a Chick-fil-A again in Greendale.  I vaguely remember their spot in the food court at Southridge Mall, but I’m fuzzy on how long they were there and when they left.  For some crazy reason I didn’t eat there!  It’s one of those “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” situations.  Realizing what I’ve missed and not quite wanting to run to Racine every time I’m craving chicken, I’m thrilled that a tasty fil-A will be just minutes away just months away!

I sure hope I don’t get a craving for their classic clucker on a Sunday.  Actually I’m quite happy they’re closed one day a week.  Not only can Southeast Wisconsin families survive without a chicken sandwich for a single day, all their employees can count on one day off to spend time with theirs.

Do we currently have other fast-food outlets that offer poultry pickings?  Of course.  There’s all the usual suspects with their offerings:  McD’s, Wendy’s, Burger King et al.  But those fast-food franchises don’t stick to their principles like Chick-fil-A certainly does.

Mr. Dan McCarthy, I’d be thrilled to see you set another sales record in our area.  Our family will certainly do its part to add to your bottom line!

A Chick-fil-A COMING TO GREENDALE, WI IN JULY/AUGUST 2013?  A total, 110% Culinary Yes-Yes!!!!!

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