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Bob is a retired education administrator who was an academic administrator for a local university for 28 years and spent almost 10 years as an administrator/manager at an educational association in Brookfield. He and his wife now run a small consulting business called DeRoche Consulting LLC.

Greendale Historic District

Ad Hoc Committee

If you live in Greendale, you may know that in late summer the Village Board approved the establishment of an ad hoc Committee to help plan for future development of the Village Center.  It is mostly a citizen committee but there are “stakeholder” members representing various profit and non-profit groups.  The Committee has had several meetings already, but has a long way to go before making any recommendations.  We do not know, of course, what the committee will recommend.  However, I would like to see them think “out of the box” so that we might have some ideas that we haven’t heard before.  For example, instead of thinking  only about adding residential and retail to the Village Center (Historic District), how about ideas that would give something to the current and future residents of Greendale that would be useful and attractive to them and get them to come into the Village Center.  I am thinking something like an aquatic and fitness center – an outdoor pool that families could use in the summer (not everyone can join the Village Club).  The fitness center part of it could be used by teens, adults, and seniors.  Perhaps the pool could be converted to an ice rink during the winter or a rink could be built next to it.  Get my point: it would be for the residents. It would be part of what you get from paying taxes.  Here is another idea: convert Broad Street to a pedestrian mall.  Keep parking at each end and route traffic one way on each side on the inside track, rather than on Broad Street.  It opens it up and allows you do much more with the street.  We need new ideas for the Village Center while preserving its historic heritage.  We also need something for new and future residents, not just for visitors and businesses.  More of the same thing is not always better; let’s have some new ideas.

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