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Culinary yes-yes #8


Last week I confessed I’m not a huge fan of brandy.  I did mention exceptions including a regional, seasonal classic the Tom & Jerry.


I can’t believe it but after almost 40 years on this planet, (19 years of legal drinking age) I’m finally embracing brandy.  Truly, I never thought I’d see the day.  Then, an epiphany.  Cue the angels’ aria.  A dinner this past September at the newest Bartolotta’s establishment, Joey Gerard’s.  It’s a supper club.  I’m one of those “when in Rome” people so the last thing I wanted for a cocktail was a glass of wine.  If I’m in a retro, “hip to be square” restaurant I want to order something that fits the mood & theme.  I’d done my homework before our meal; I planned on ordering one thing and one thing only.  A Sidecar cocktail.


It was love at first sip.  I had no idea I would fall hard for something brandy-based.  But one tasted like another, so I ordered a second.  I think it was almost better than the first!  About two months later, I had the pleasure of eating at The Brown Derby in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios park when we went on our family vacation.  I thought if any place was as fitting as Joey Gerard’s to order such a concoction, it was indeed the Brown Derby.  Once again, I was not disappointed.  Once again, I ordered a second.


At that point, I officially declared myself a brandy lover.  OK, not really.  More like just a Sidecar lover.  Semantics.  The point is I decided I wanted to make this for family & friends this Christmas.  Sure, I could easily search online for recipes and discover that essentially it’s a 1:1:1 ratio of brandy, orange liqueur and lemon juice served in a sugar-rimmed glass.


Since my first and most delightful experience with this elixir was at Joey Gerard’s I decided I would turn to their expert mixologists.  I hoped that if I asked nicely they would be kind enough to divulge their “secret recipe.”  I was right.  A fine member of their management staff granted my request.  As I promised to keep it a secret you’ll have to contact them yourself to see if you’re as lucky as I was.


One thing I can tell you is that I was told to serve it in a coupe glass.  A bit before my time, I needed some Google help with that and discovered some interesting history.  Well heck if it’s good enough for “Ms. Let Them Eat Cake” it’s good enough for me.


I never thought I’d utter these words but, “Brandy.  Definitely a Culinary Yes Yes!”





Indulge your senses.  What does Christmas TASTE like? 

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